Connect Small Groups

Markey Church will begin a new 7 week small group series called "Connect" the week of October 6. We are inviting you to Host, Facilitate, or Join a new small group for this series. This is a short term, 7 week commitment, you are not going to be in this group forever! We will do another series in the Spring, and you are invited to join a different group if you'd like.

Group Hosts

Do you have a house made for entertaining? Do you have a new recipe for a treat that you want to try? Do you have a living room that can fit about 8 people? Do you have a way to show a DVD to the group? If so, we would love for you to volunteer to HOST one of our small groups. The host doesn't have to run the group, just provide the location and a light snack.

Group Facilitators

Do you enjoy leading a group discussion? Can you help keep others on track? Then this is the job for you. You are invited to help lead a small group, but you don't have to learn materials. Your job is to show a short video then steer the group into discussions about what they just watched. There are no "rules" to follow, just make sure everyone is able to stay on track. These are meant to be light discussions to help each of us connect with one another. There is very little preparation, and materials will be provided.

Group Members

Do you want to join a group? Leadership isn't your thing? There is a place for you too! Join one of the groups. There will be many times and locations available to you, find one that works for your schedule and join. Sign up sheets will be posted in Library.