The Walt Disney Company

By: Crystal Hodge

Random Facts

Started in 1932.

Signed a contract M.J. Winkler to produce Alice comedies.

Was first known as Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio.

In 1928 first Mickey Mouse cartoon came out.

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The Business

The company is in entertainment because of the movies the produce and all the theme parks built throughout the world. Benefits to this is a good discount on stores and admission and the 401k plan matches up to 4%.

How it began

Walt Disney is the founder of the company and had always had an eye for art and loved it.

His will to pursue his love of it help make him successful and his Alice comedies is what help set the stage for The Walt Disney company.

Investing in the company.

Yes I would. Disney has always have been a big thing for me the characters and everything that Walt Disney came to life which is an achievement that many want to succeed in. You see The Walt Disney company growing each year and are worth a lot the stock market price for it is rising and would be most likely best to invest.