AEEA Rep Council Meeting

April 15, 2019

Subsitute MOU

There is a strong consensus that it is not right to split classes up into other classes. Unfortunately, it's within the district's rights to do it, so there wasn't much the union can do. The district, however, agrees that it's not in the students' best interest. At least teachers with the added burden of an extra third of a class are being recognized by the $50/day, but it's not ideal.

There was a concern about kids being split into an inappropriate class; e.g., a bunch of mainstream students split into a kinder DLI class, causing a language barrier and a waste of a day. Parents who opted to keep their students out of DLI might be upset. All of this vice versa, if a DLI class is split into a mainstream class.

How do we know which TOSAs are federally funded and therefore cannot sub? The answer is, the principal knows. I ended up speaking for us "District TOSAs" since there had been some misinformation posted on Facebook saying we were declining to sub because we were "too busy". I told them we agree that splitting classes is wrong, but also we were told not to sub due to the fines our district received for misusing federal funds.

Someone pointed out that we'll never get to step 5 on the MOU (when the principal and VP would finally cover a class) because they'll just keep splitting classes.

Music teachers are not TOSAs and should not be pulled.

There is apparently no legal maximum of students in a single room which seems odd considering safety/fire hazards.

2nd Grade DCAs

The teachers are fed up with having to grade off of Pear Deck. They said it takes an hour and a half and they aren't using the data anyways. Some are printing all the slides and taping them together? I didn't understand; I thought it got fixed so it's just a spreadsheet; no more drawing slides. But they were talking about drawing slides. Moodle graded everything.

They don't understand how using Pear Deck prepares students for CAASPP. Also, apparently they're being asked to give the DCA (and other grades, the IAB) based on the calendar rather than when they're actually done teaching that unit, which doesn't make sense because they thought they were allowed to switch units around and obviously skews their data if the students haven't learned it yet.

Other News

  • Make sure you take the LCAP survey and give your honest opinion.
  • Several sites will be getting portables but they still need to be approved by the state.
  • Summer School! They plan to pilot 10 classes of 15 low-achieving students (1s and 2s on the ELPAC), located at Ross but for any student in the district; transportation provided. This is still in the works, but any teachers who want to do this will get no less than $250/day.
  • #RedForEd - wear red every Tuesday! However, since there's a negotiations meeting on Monday, 4/29, wear red that day instead of Tuesday.
  • Organizing Committee - informal meeting at El Torito tomorrow, 4/17, at El Torito, I think 3pm. Everyone welcome! Nachos included! They want new ideas and more people involved. Email Colleen at

One person recommended to all of us (and has done so for her site as well) to email the superintendent, the board, and Faith, any time they're unhappy with something the district is doing.