Joesphine Baker

by: Rebecca Lash


Joesphine Baker was one of the most spirited entertainers of the twenties. At just age eight, she was working as a maid for a white family. 13, she moved out, got a job to support herself and married. She joined a group of street performers around this time too. This act influenced her into going to Harlem and joining the chorus. Her favorite part about the twenties was the music and all the arts had to offer. One of the downfalls of her time in the twenties was things like the double standard and having women have this look of being a house wife and living up to expectations. Joesphine accomplished many things in the twenties. She starred in many movies like 'Lans Sirene des Trophies', 'Zou-Zou', and 'Princess Tam-Tam'. She recorded in the Oden Label and with Columbia records. With lots of other songs and movies also. The double standard did't phase her at all, she didn't care. Joesphine did what she wanted and didn't follow the basic way of how women were supposed to be doing or how they're outlook was. She didn't want to stay at home and clean and do dishes. She wanted to be apart of something and continue with the arts. The Harlem Renaissance was such a big impact on her life. Once she figured out she wanted to continue in life with the arts, she went there and got noticed. It was the best part of her life, the people loved her. She got interdouced to the Jazz in Harlem everyone was talking about. The artistic community was her whole life and her passion. It taught her that she could be herself and it didn't matter because everyone else was trying to figure themselves out and do what they love also.

Impact on the 20's

Joesphine Baker influenced so many people in the 20's. She wasn't the stero typical woman back then. She influenced people especially women by not following the ' double standard' look. She followed her dreams and didn't care what other people had to say or what they thought. Some women pushed to be like her and follow their dreams, others thought she was crazy. Joesphine Baker was one of the most well known women in the 20's.
Josephine Baker's Banana Dance


1. What did the man in the video say about her outfit, and the setting of the place she was dancing at?

-Answer #1.

- Her outfit was not as moderate, but she was still in her same setting.