Crow Agency Public School

December 7th - December 11th, 2015

Achieving Our Dreams through Education

Thoughts & Reminders this Week

First of all I want to say thank you for all your hard work. It is exciting to see the learning taking place in the classroom, as evidenced by our monthly assessments. It is also encouraging to here from parents how they are reading with their students "because the teachers said to." Thank everyone.

I included some articles and videos about growth mindset again. I think that this is really important for us as educators. Our students need to know that the effort they exert in the classroom translates into learning. We can all improve, hard work feels good.

Learning is the work.

Let's continue to improve and strive for excellence in our professional responsibilities. Let's utilize best practices in our instruction. Refer to our essential questions and focus of instruction in our teaching. Rather than only opening to a page in the book, let's tell the students what they are going to learn (teach to an objective). We have what it takes to give our students a great educational experience, let's reflect that reality in our preparation and intentionality in the classroom. We have great resources in our reading and math programs, the programs work. Utilize the lesson planner for reading and use best practices.

Secret Santa

If you would like to be Santa for some of our students please contact Me or Ms. Schaub. We need your names by this week so we can arrange the gifts.

Grade Level Meetings

Happening this week. Carolyn Keeton is scheduled to be onsite with us this week. Please take advantage of her expertise.

This Week at a Glance

Mon. Dec. 7

Literacy Consultant Carolyn Keeton Onsite

Tue. Dec. 8

Literacy Consultant Carolyn Keeton Onsite

2:30 pm - Leadership Meeting

Wed. Dec. 9

Literacy Consultant Carolyn Keeton Onsite

Thurs. Dec. 10

Literacy Consultant Carolyn Keeton Onsite

4th Grade Trip to the Yellowstone Art Museum

I shared the video before but please take a look if you haven't already watched it.

At about 7:00 she discusses a school that has some similar demographics to ours.
Carol Dweck, "Developing a Growth Mindset"
Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset: An Introduction

Crow Agency Public School

Crow Agency Public School is located in the heart of Crow Country and serves grades Pre-K to 5th.