Skype in the Classroom

Please use these links for research as we MysterySkype.

GeoGuessr, a “where in the world are you?” guessing game that drops you into a Google Street View locale from somewhere on Earth and challenges you to place your location on a map. Look at the photo carefully. What are the landforms, etc.

Earth Winds

This is what meteorologist do to get their information! Are you ready MysterySkypers? Look at the wind movement?

World Clock

This website will find current time, weather, sun, moon and much more. with States

This is another resource for our Mystery Skypes!

International Mystery Skype Questions

Best questions to ask International Classrooms and Experts.

Biome Map Key

This link will give you information about the biomass of North America.

Culture Grams for States

This SC Discus website will give you more information about our state and the other 49.

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