The Putney Post

West Homer Elementary--5th Grade

Dates to Remember

April 6- PTO Yardsale 11:00-3:00 (West Homer Gym)

April 16- Spring Pictures

April 16- Quarter 3 Awards Assembly 1:00-1:40---Families Welcome!

April 16- Early Release 1:45

April 18- Vacation Day, No School

April 21- Art Fair Project due

April 21-25- Volunteer Appreciation Week

April 22- Spring Music Concert 6:30pm @ Mariner Theater

May 2- West Homer Art Show 5:00-7:00pm

March 14- Sandwich Book Report Due

YARDSALE ON SUNDAY: West Homer Gym 11:00-3:00

Classroom Happenings

What a tough group of fifth graders! Your child endured hours of testing this week with a positive attitude and a promise to give their best effort. On Tuesday we took the reading test, Wednesday was writing, and our final test of math was taken on Thursday. As parents, you will receive your child's testing results early to mid-summer. We greatly appreciate your support with this testing experience. Our class was very thankful for the numerous snack options. Students came to school ready to work hard and give it their all.

What's Next?

This next week we will be starting a new math unit on multiplying and dividing fractions. Students will estimate products of fractions, use models to show fraction multiplication, and multiply whole numbers and fractions. In reading and writing we will be wrapping up our poetry unit. We will review the literary devices of personification, onomatopoeia, simile, metaphor, and alliteration. Then, we will apply our knowledge of these terms through the completion of our poetry response books as well as our poetry collections. On Wednesday and Thursday this week we will participate in a HOWL Presentation, learning about wilderness survival and bear safety. We look forward to seeing younger and older siblings at the Frozen movie night on Thursday from 6-8.

Movie Night Cancelled

We are sorry to say, that the movie night on April 11th has been canceled.

Art Fair Project

A BIG THANK YOU to those of you who have been assisting your child with their art fair project. All projects are due April 21st. If you have questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me. I am happy to help!

Health Curriculum Notice

Dear Parents or Guardians,

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District adopted a health curriculum in 1989. This curriculum is taught in schools throughout the district in accordance with the School Board’s directive, and students within West Homer Elementary will be receiving instruction in the following areas.

5th Grade

APRIL 15- Growth, Development and a Discussion of Puberty

APRIL 22- Anatomy/Physiology of the Reproductive System

Video: (girls) “Healthy Teens: The New Me” for girls

Video: (boys) “Healthy Teens: The New Me” for boys

In accordance with District policy, parents may Opt Out students from controversial issues taught within the health curriculum. If you care to preview the videos, you are welcome to do so at school. The instructors will be Laura Peek for the girls and Brandon Young and Zack Miller for the boys. You are welcome to contact them ahead of time to discuss the curriculum. If you do not want your child to participate in the grade level instruction, please complete an Opt Out form and return it to school before April 11th.


Raymond Marshall, Principal

After School Baseball---Sponsored by Homer Little League

April 9 - May 14

Every Wednesday from 3:15-5:00pm

Every Saturday from Noon - 2pm

Ages: 4th - 6th grade

Cost- $30

Location- WestHomer Gym

Boys and Girls Gymnastics

After School Gymnastics will begin on April 22 from 3:15-4:45 and will continue on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. If your child is interseted in participating, the permission form must be returned to the WHE office by April 15th.

Spring Pictures---April 16th (Wed)

Only students who have paid for pictures will get their picture taken on April 16th. If you would like your child's picture to be taken this spring, please send in the Lifetouch picture form that was sent home last Monday. Additional forms are available at the WHE office, if needed.

Thank you!

Shop and Give!

Support West Homer's 4th Grade Outdoor Education Camp

Timeless Toys is donating 10% of every purchase to help fund the 4th grade trip across the Bay.

Saturday, April 12th


3657 Main Street , Homer

Shop for Easter!

Shop for a birthday party!

Shop for yourself!

All you have to do to support this event is shop at Timeless Toys this Saturday and mention this event when checking out!

Quarter 4- Sandwich Book Report

Quarter 4 Book Report: Sandwich Report


For the final book report of your fifth grade year you will be creating a multi-layered sandwich. Each layer of the sandwich will cover a different story element. The outline for each of the sandwich pieces (bread, tomato, onion, lettuce…) is provided in the packet that was sent home last Friday. It is your job to insert the story element information onto each of the sandwich pieces. You will also color and cut out each of the sandwich pieces.

Once you have completed all of the sandwich pieces according to the directions below, you will connect your pieces using a hole-punch and yarn. Feel free to ask Mrs. Putney if you want to borrow her hole-punch or use a piece of her yarn.

Title, Author, Genre

Top Bread

Fill in the blanks for the title, author, and genre. Then, draw a picture that represents the cover of the book in the extra space. It can be the actual cover or a cover you invent. Either way, the picture needs to be your original art work.



Describe the setting of your book in as much detail as possible.



Describe the main characters of your book. Use picture painting details so that your reader will be able to get a good feel for what the main characters in your book are like.

Conflict (Problem)


What is the problem, complication, or challenge that the main character(s) must solve or overcome? Describe the conflict of your story on the lettuce piece.



Describe the climax of the story. The climax is the point of greatest interest or suspense in the story. It is the turning point in the story where the action reaches its peak.



Describe how the main character(s) solve the problem, complication, or challenge and how they story ends.

Author’s Style


Tell what you liked or didn’t like about the author’s style of writing. Be sure to back up your opinion with examples from the story.

Favorite Part

Bottom Bread

Describe your favorite part of the book. Draw a picture to go along with your description.

On May 14th we will have a Book Celebration. While eating real sandwiches, students will share their completed Sandwich Book Reports. After everyone has presented their book report to the class, students will share their top reads during their fifth grade year. Students will be asked to bring in 1-3 books they read during 5th grade that they absolutely loved. During the party each student will develop a summer reading list. It is my hope that students will find new books they want to read over the summer while listening to their peers share a book that they read and loved.

Happy Reading!

IXL- Math Practice Site

To get your child started on your home computer, please follow these steps:

1. Go to

2. Enter your child’s username and password and click Sign in.

Username: firstinital,lastname@westhomer (EX: eputney@westhomer)

Password:firstinital,lastname (EX: eputney)

3. Choose 5th grade.

4. Find a skill to practice that relates to what we have been covering in class.

IXL Skills to Practice This Week: Multiplying Fractions