The New Deal

The First New Deal

The New Deal Explained

The New Deal was many programs passed by congress, created by FDR during his first term. Following the Great Depression, FDR made programs following the 3 R’s. Relief, Recovery and Reform.

Relief was made to stop suffering of the Americans in worst conditions after the depression. relief had two major parts, Public Works, and Rural programs. Public Works are jobs for the poor americans building things like airports, schools, hotels. This was to open up jobs in facilities while creating jobs building them. Rural programs were large areas of land in the south given to farmers to open jobs and feed hungry.

Recovery were a series of programs created by the government to restore the economy back to normal after the depression. Reform was created to stop anything like the depression from happening again. It looked into businesses and markets that might have caused the depression, and they shut them down.


The CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) was another one of the many work relief programs created by the government to provide simple jobs to Americans. It was the most popular of all the work relief programs, with over 30 million employees. The CCC was an outdoors group, that worked on building and planting outside. The CCC is reponsible for planting “nearly 3 billion trees(reforistation), building around 800 national parks, and upgrading many state parks” This assisted in creating many jobs and pulling america out of the depression.


The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) is a federal group created to enforce security laws, making sure the security in industry was good, protecting the stock exchange, and any other electronic security in businesses. It was created stop large businesses from being robbed and the stock exchange from crashing. If robberies occurred in large businesses or a stock market crashed it would only pull the U.S. deeper into the depression. It protected the economy from failing again.


On May 12th, 1933 the FERA or (Federal Emergency Relief Administration) distributed cash payments to those unable to work. This includes the urban poor, usually in the form of unskilled, sometimes made-work jobs. Then the AAA was created.


The AAA or (The Agricultural Administration Act) was passed on May 12th, 1933. This Act permanently changed American agriculture through its actions to pay farmers to keep land out of production and raise prices by making stock rare.The AAA benefited to the large operators.


May 18th, 1933 from the passage of the TVA or (Tennessee Valley Authority Act). This provided millions of dollars to transform the economies of seven depressed, rural Southern states along the Tennessee River. The program included dam-building, electric power-generation, flood and erosion control. It provided relatively high-wage jobs. This authorized dams on the Tennessee River that would provide the power needed to transform vast of Tennessee and adjoining states.


The NRA or (National Recovery Administration) was created to spread the New Deal activist spirit nationwide and persuaded most of the nations business to devise codes to govern working conditions and prices. It was created by the National Industrial Recovery Act in 1933. It prevented unfair competition, disastrous over production, and cycle of low prices and wages. The NRA unfortunately had little power for its responsibilities.


The PWA or (Public Works Administration) was created July 1933, it was created to help build large scale public works. The PWA was created by the National Industrial Recovery Act in June 1933. It provided employment, stabilized purchasing power, improved public welfare, and contributed to a revival of American Industry. The PWA was responsible for over 34,000 projects, including schools, airports, roads, electricity-generating dams, hospitals, and also built warships for the navy.


The FDIC or (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) It was created in 1933, it was created to insure bank deposits. It helped millions of unemployed. This organization was important because it made the revived system safe. The Emergency Banking Act was created to see if banks were stable enough to reopen and restart. The reason this act was created was because the banks were failing and they were losing money, so roosevelt tried to make a revived system. The FDIC was created because of the Emergency Banking Act