Marcelo in the Real World

By Francisco Stork

About Marcelo in the Real World...

Marcelo is a 17 year old boy going into his senior year in high school. He has some sort of diesease such as aspergers, but scientists cant seem to figure it out. Marcelo can hear music that no one else can in his head. Before his senior year, he wants to work at his alternitive school as a stablehand but Marcelo's father, Arturo, wants to have Marcelo to work for his law firm because his father believes that Marcelo is normal. All Marcelo wants is to do good in his dads law firm so he can go back to his school for his senior year.

Featuring Marcelo as the protagonist

Marcelo in the story is the protagonist because he listens to what everybody has to say even if he disagrees. He is the main character and leader of the book. Wendall is Marcelo's coworker and is also the antagonist in the story. Wendall is always portrayed as the antagonist.


The theme of the story is to not be afraid of change and go with the flow. Always go with what you think is right. Marcelo in the Real World is like the Greek novel Pschye and Eros because Marcelo did what he thought was right and Pschye should have done what was right even though she listened to her sisters.


I can connect to Marcelo in the Real World because Marcelo always goes with the flow and does what he thinks is right. When something mysterious comes along he wants to find out whats going on just like me. Marcelo is always hard working and sometimes so can I.


I happened to enjoy and understand this book even though it seems a bit above my reading level. I would recomend this book to anyone above the age of 15 or someone who is looking for a great book to read on a daily basis. I would rate this book 9 of 10 stars.