Lord of the Flies

by: Herb Walker

Jack's tribe

jack's tribe most resembles a dictatorship. it resembles a dictatorship because jack is the all powerful ruler and no one has power over him. he makes all decisions and can not be trumped. he also has his savages do all work for him like he bosses them around like puppets just like in a dictatorship. Again like in a dictatorship jack will not admit that he is a dictator

"I ought to be chief," said Jack with simple arrogance, "because I'm chapter chorister and head boy. I can sing C sharp." (1.229-231). this quote shows how arrogant jack is and how hungry he is for power and how he wants to be the all powerful ruler. he has no real reason why he should be leader besides the fact that he just simply wants to lead.

Ralph's tribe

Ralph's tribe best resembles a democracy. it resembles a democracy because everyone has a vote and everyone has a say in what happens. No decisions are made without the vote of everyone involved.

"Piggy, for all his ludicrous body, had brains. Ralph was a specialist in thought now, and could recognize thought in another"(lord of the flies ch.5). this quote shows how ralph can relate to people and understand them and that he isnt just a power hungry leader that he is actually fair and cares about the people in his society.

My ideal Government

my ideal government would be a democracy where everyone gets a say in what happens but everyone also has to contribute to the society to have the ability to vote. this would be the most effective because you have a whole society watching your back and you can make decisions together so that its the most fair it can be.

my constitution:

1. leaders serve a 2 year term

2. leaders are chosen through an evaluation and voting process

3. everyone must pay their contribution fee twice a year or be banished

4. any leader that becomes tyrannical may be removed from power through a vote

5. everyone has freedom of speech

6. criminals are punished through a trial and jury process

7. thieves get their fingers and or hands cut off

8. societal enforcers are elected every 2 years and have the power to arrest people that breach the constitution

9. people that want to join the society must be evaluated and accepted through a vote

10. treason is cause for banishment

11. all natural remedies, food, herbs, and elixirs are completely legal

12. man made remedies and supplies are forbidden

13. cellphones and the internet are illegal

14. only diesel-powered vehicles are permitted inside the society

A Country Affected by In-Fighting

A decade long civil war in Columbia greatly affected the country and the people in it. It was started because of the assassination of Jorge Eliecer Gaitan, a very popular liberal presidential candidate. the war was fought between Colombian liberals and conservatives. this resulted in a Bogozato which is a term for intense rioting. this rioting lasted 10 hours and 5000 people were killed in this time. the total death toll of the war is expected to be over 200,000. the land was scorn and burnt and it took Columbia an estimated 10 years to recover and rebuild and become an effective government again.

A Current Political Conflict

The Syrian civil war is an ongoing civil war based on religious beliefs. the two opposing sides are the followers of the dictator Assad and the anti-Assad activists. What started out as peaceful protests soon became violent as Assad's armed forces use weapons against the protesters which in response the protesters also use weapons. soon, by 2013 the death toll rises to over 100,000. This cross-border conflict is causing worries of a large scale regional war. in late 2013 Assad's men were accused of using chemical weapons against the opposing force which sparked a response from the united states to come to the aid of the anti-Assad activists

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