Primary Update

Monday 22nd September 2014

Parent/Teacher Conferences This Week

These conferences are extremely important for building trust and credibility with parents.
Remember to:
1. Be prepared.
  • Check buff files, student notes on Gateway and DRK docs from last year
  • Have chairs gathered around in an inclusive way
  • Have chairs outside for parents waiting with schedules on doors

2. Provide evidence

  • Highlight areas of strength and next areas for development
  • Have quality evidence ready to show progress of learning to date. Written work should have feedback on it and be corrected

3. Invite parent to share thoughts
  • Invite comments and feedback on how their child has settled in and perhaps any ideas that may make it even better for them

4. Stick to the 15mins

5. Follow up in actions if required.

The Week Ahead

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Boast and Brag - Google Classroom by Leanne and Joe

Having difficulties organising all of the Google items your class keep sharing with you?

Anyone who is using Google Docs and spreadsheets with their classes will know how much tech time is taken up instead of teaching time.

A few of us have been trialling Google classroom as a way of managing this.

Feature 1

Google Classroom makes a copy and renames it with the student name on it - saving your students time!

Feature 2

Google Classroom creates a folder and stores all of the associated documents within it - saving you time!

Feature 3 - Upload all viewable content in one safe classroom environment, Reading groups, Maths groups, Whole class info.

Feature 4 - Manage feedback effectively and instantly - students submit work to you, you give feedback, they get an email and can refine their work for resubmission.

Want to see a few different examples of how this is being used? Ask Leanne, Joe, Kris, Kevin or any of the Y6 team or find out more here on the Google Classroom website.

Previewing a new Classroom by Google
Classroom 101

Top Tips from the Google Summit - Take a look at Chrome extensions

Top 3 Extensions accessible from Apps webstore on Chrome - install with one click!

Extensions allow you to take shortcuts with familiar activities or make your browsing experience more enjoyable.

Save to Google Drive

This allows you to select any part of a webpage (text or media) and save it to your Drive - no more saving to Desktop and uploading to Drive - quick and efficient!

Black Menu for Google

My favourite - allows you to switch effortlessly between the Google Suite without having to open separate tabs.

Ad Block for YouTube!

Get rid of those annoying YouTube ads with this simple extension ;-)

Click here to go to Chrome App webstore and search for the extensions listed - plus find many more besides! Which ones do you find useful?