Regus Ballard Needs Your Testimonials!

We could use your help! As you know, we have been working hard to prepare the new Ballard location for our grand opening this October. As Ballard is a new market for us, we are hoping we can gather some great testimonials to share with our prospects.

What we are finding is that many of the people we tour aren’t fully convinced that Regus can provide all that we are advertising. Perhaps it’s because they haven’t had exposure to Regus, or maybe because we are selling a “construction zone” and they are having trouble seeing the vision that we know is soon to be a reality. Whatever the case may be, we are sure that your input may impact their decision in a positive way.

What we need is simple; just a few sturdy “highlights” that support our claims. Specifically, how the team has enhanced your productivity, or made a lasting impression on your business. Bottom line; aside from 4 walls and furnishings, there’s more to Regus than meets the eye!

For your efforts, we would love to send you an e-gift card from one of the following vendors: Starbucks, Amazon, Specialty’s, or Jimmy Johns.

Feel free to respond directly to this email with your feedback by August 30th, and be sure to include your gift card choice! We will be using your kind words in a presentation and though your testimonial will not be anonymous, your contact details will not be disclosed.

We want to thank you in advance for your time, and for helping us in our efforts to build professional relationships here in Ballard. We look forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful rest of your week!

Warmest regards,

The Regus Ballard Team

Kiyomi & Katy