Promoting Student Learning

Classroom, Collaboration and Relationships

Classroom Management

  • Classroom management and discipline planning with families.
  • Specific classroom management principles for special education students through IEP.
  • Establish rules of conduct from the beginning.
  • Explain consequences for misbehavior and follow through.
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Student Relationships

Family Relationships

  • Personal approach to learning and greater understanding of students background.
  • Problem solving with parents and supporting parents to communicate with each other.
  • Commmunicate with parents to share problem-solving approaches.
  • Create website to provide families with answers, feedback and important information.
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Teacher Collaboration

  • Consultative services for better methods of instruction, behavior management, and specific disabilities.
  • Collaborative or cooperative teaching using different models of teaching to help students with and without disabilities.
  • Team meetings about student progress and lesson plans.
  • Models of collaborative teaching - one teach, one observe and one teach, one drift.
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School Relationships

  • Effective school relationships encourage distinctiveness that guarantee academic accomplishment for each student.
  • Apply guidelines for a safe and sound environment intended for promoting student learning.
  • Create examples of high-quality work.
  • Display students efforts that successfully meet standards and reveal the instructional focal point.
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Community Relationships

  • The principal utilizes community organizations to connect and make the parents and families feel more comfortable.
  • Community partnership can help students by getting them involved in the world around them.
  • Connect with local services such as social and health services
  • Advertise volunteering roles within the school and community.
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