Fourth Fatal Feud

July 30th 1595 - 1 ducat

Both families final warning led to two deaths..

Yesterday in central Verona the Montagues and Capulets struck again. The feud was said to have begun after Romeo Montague attended a Capulet ball wIth no invite. This thoroughly wound up Tybalt Capulet, which led him to want too fight Romeo. Romeo stood back wisely as Mercucio provoked the angry Tybalt. They fought playfully, but then matters turned serious and it led to Tybalt and Mercucio losing their dear lives..

Where did it all begin?..

Yesterday in the central square of Verona the hot weather seemed to get the better of Tybalt Capulet and Mercutio, a friend of Romeo Montague. Tybalt appeared in the square of Verona searching for Romeo to punish him after attending his family's Masquerade Ball with no invite. The angry Tybalt was said too have approached the hot-headed Mercutio as he cooled off in the fountain located in the town square.

Eye Witness Francis George tells us what she witnessed on the streets of Verona.

"My husband and I were taking a walk along the scorching streets of Verona when we came across Mercutio and Tybalt provoking each other playfully, it seemed. Matters became much more seriouslly as the playfight went on. Aggression and anger appeared on both Mercutio and Tybalt's face's. Very few people knew the reasons of the two young men fighting. It was rumoured around the square that Romeo had gone against Tybalts word somehow. Therefore my husband and I were unsure why Mercutio and Tybalt were the ones fighting. Then Romeo came into the scene and tried stopping the two aggressive men. Romeo's appearance did not help, it seemed to make Tybalt much more angry, therefore matters got a lot more serious. They both dashed around the square, raring too hurt each other, it seemed. Romeo stood in between the two as Tybalt drew his sword to the body of Mercutio and himself. It seemed like the sword had gone under the arm of Romeo and had wounded Mercutio. Nothing seemed serious as Mercutio made no fuss. Tybalt and his friends ran off, so my husband and I had the idea that something had gone wrong. But then we looked at the face of Mercutio which didn't show much of a reaction. Therefore we thought it was best to walk off and mind our own business. Next thing we know rumours go around the village that Mercutio and Tybalt had both died. The sword must've got Mercutio under the arm of Romeo. But we have no explanition for the death of Tybalt." Francis George, 22, Verona.

Eye Witness Robert Vaughan describes what he saw of Tybalts death.

"As I walked along the usually muted back streets of Verona, I knew something was going on as a group of boys raced up the gravely slope. It seemed to be Romeo Montague and his friends causing problems in the sweltering streets of Verona. This feud has been causing a lot of problems lately, and I could tell by the atmosphere around me that it had set off once again. I turned back to face the large group of boys. Out came Romeo's sword as he called the name "Tybalt". Then I knew for sure it was the feud, once again. I struggled my way up the gravely hill in the scorching heat to see what harm was being done this time. The enemies were glaring at each other, both Tybalt and Romeo showed anger on their faces. Both young men jumped and tumbled as they aimed the sword at each other. Something serious was going to happen, damage was going to be done. Yet more friends and family provoked them to fight. Tybalt reached to put the sword to Romeo's chest, luckily enough for Romeo he fell back off a wall, which saved his life. Tybalt jumped down to the same level as Romeo. I didn't think things could get more serious, but it seemed that the anger had increased between the two young men. Romeo had his chance, the sword was in line with Tybalt. He took it, the sword went through Tybalt's chest. Guilt appeared on Romeo's face straight away. It was too gruesome for me to look any longer. Seeing the blood on the sword made me want to turn my back. I walked down the hill as people walked up. The people of Verona all rushed in the opposite direction to me to see what had happened. This feud has gone a step too far, I'd had enough. And so clearly has Prince Escalas after banishing Romeo Montague later on that afternoon." Robert Vaughan, 45, Verona.