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Farewell 5th Graders!

Wow! This week really got away from me. I had worked on the newsletter over the weekend and forgot to send it out. I really enjoyed our class this year and wish everyone the best in the years ahead. Students do not have to complete nightly reading tonight and really don't even need their backpacks. We're looking forward to a fun filled last day tomorrow!

Important Dates

5/19 Early Release 12:20 - Last day of school

Classroom Happenings

Units of Study Unit 7: Body System Interdependence

In this unit, students will learn about the body systems and how they work together. After learning about the differences between communicable and non-communicable diseases students will be assigned a disease to research. Through research, each student will explore the symptoms of the disease and its effects on the various body systems. Students will use the information from their research to create a personal health plan for a patient suffering from the disease they are researching. Students will write a script. Then use it role play a conversation in which a doctor diagnosis a patient with a disease, educates them on the disease, and presents them with a personal health plan. The health plan will instruct them how to continue living a full and healthy life while incorporating healthy eating, physical fitness, and life style adaptations.

Math Topic 16: Coordinates


There will not be a spelling test this week.