The LLC at Whittier, Sept 2015

Kick the year off right! Resources available.

Schedules in the library

Schedules for Whittier's tech tools are available in the shared Google Drive folder.

Although I have tried to make sure all staff have access and editing rights, there are sometimes issues. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you are having a problem signing in or with getting on the schedule.

Scheduling links include:

The Collaboration Center

Laptop problems

When you run into problems with laptops and ipads, please fill out a "Help! It isn't working" ticket. I have left baskets of them on top of the carts. Attach the ticket to the machine when you send it down to the LLC. It is important that the ticket tells me what is wrong. I usually have more than one item that needs to be looked at and I can't always remember what is what when it all comes down to it.

If the problem seems big and you think it is going to be a bigger issue than I can handle in the LLC, put a help desk ticket in to the tech dept right away since there is a bit of a backlog with items getting looked at right now.

*In addition to the above, be sure to leave a notice on the cart that the laptop has been sent to the LLC so that the next group using the laptops knows where the missing computer is and doesn't waste time looking for it.

Thank you!

Do you need an activity for smaller groups of students in your classroom?

Check out The Wagon!

This month's wagon activity focuses on early reader non-fiction books from the popular series "Natures Children". Classroom teachers may sign out the wagon which is loaded with over 50 non-fiction easy reader books, puppets, and several pre-planned clipboard activities. Clipboard activities don't require much more planning that what has already been done and include tools used to encourage student learning and exploration. Keep the wagon in your classroom for up to a week. Clipboard activities include directions for students creating their own fact sheets about animals, art activities, vocabulary games and enhancers, puppets for storytelling, and introductory activities which encourage developing research skills. I will try to change the wagon each month and welcome suggestions of activities to include.

*The wagon is a differentiated set of activities that can be brought out into the garden.

Thanks for your flexibility these first few weeks!

The Book Fair

I am appreciative of everyone's flexibility with the Book Fair and the craziness it brought to the LLC. The success of the book fair allowed us to add about 40 books to our school's collection and set aside funds for future purchases. We purchased popular books requested by students and filled our Monarch, Bluestem, and Caudill nominee list needs.

At this point all staff and students who placed orders for books should have received all of their books except for The Diary of Wimpy Kid Preorders. If you or your students have not received your order, please let me know ASAP!

Faster Checkouts

There have been some challenges in checking out books in a timely fashion so I am printing out student cards with barcodes to speed up the process. This will eliminate the need to do picture searches of students in class lists. The cards will remain in the library and will be used primarily for checkouts during whole class checkouts.

Drop in Checkouts

I am trying to get enough volunteers to make sure the LLC can be staffed 9-9:30 each morning (except Tuesdays) so students can drop in for book checkouts. At this point I do not have enough volunteers to staff the library for drop in checkouts in the afternoons so please limit drop in checkouts to the morning unless you have a staff member that will be able to supervise and check the group of students out that you send in. Also please limit your groups to no more than five students at a time.

WANTED: Student Tech Assistants

I am looking for students to help out in the LLC with tech tasks from 9:10-9:20 and from 3:10-3:20 daily. Interested students must be in grades 4 or 5, be responsible, self motivated, and have a teacher recommendation in order to apply for a position. The first informational meeting about this will be held during recess on Mon, Sept. 14. Please be honest in your recommendations for students, I don't know students well enough to know who will be best suited for this job and will be relying on what you share with me. Limit nominations to no more than two students per class and choose students who will benefit from being part of a student lead team that will work to improve tech services in our school. Applications are available online and in the LLC.

This is the link we will have potential tech helpers fill out.

I will share this link in a note and on the LLC webpage - feel free to check it out yourself.

Wheaton Public Library Book Bags

I turned in the 2015-2016 staff rooster to the Wheaton Library which means that they are able to help you with materials acquisition and research for students.

Did you know that you can tell the librarians at WPL what grade you teach, what subject you will be working on, and then they will provide you with materials for your students to use in your classroom for a 4 week checkout period?

YES, it's easy as that. For more information go to the web page about book bags on the Wheaton Public Library site or drop into to talk to me in the LLC. It is not necessary for you to have a Wheaton Public Library Card for this service, it is through the school.

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