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February 2021

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JISD Celebrates Diversity

JISD Celebrates Diversity is an ongoing initiative that follows right along with our Read Woke program. We aim to provide reading recommendations and ideas for lesson planning as well as pleasure reading that bring to light the marginal groups of society in an effort to empathize with and support these groups.

Our JISD Celebrating Diversity begins this month, highlighting Black History. Please access our Celebrating Black Authors Newsletter and the Black History Month Unsung Heroes Board using the buttons below.

Kitty Hawk Middle School is also Celebrating Diversity with an information-filled newsletter. Please see below.

JISD Writes Together

JISD Writes Together is a community Program initiative of the JISD Library Services and Friends of the Judson ISD Libraries (FJL) to promote literacy throughout the district.

The JISD Writes Together Program will coincide with Black History Month.

Our activities will center around the book, What Do You Do with a Voice Like That by Chris Barton. This is a beautiful picture book about Barbara Jordan, a lawyer, educator, and politician from Texas.

What Do you Do with a Voice Like That?, chronicles what Barbara Jordan did with her extraordinary and booming voice. The book ends with a powerful statement:

“For when it has been silenced, what do we do with a voice like that? We remember it, and we honor it by making our own voices heard.”

The book may be accessed using the Sora app found in the JISD Portal. HERE are directions for setting up Sora, if you've never used it. We have both the e-Book and audiobook. Additionally, you can hear the author read the book at https://youtu.be/g7-ZrkBE-98

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JISD Writes Together Board

Find lessons, activities, links, and more.

JISD Reads Together Poster Contest

Our inaugural year of JISD Reads Together will kick off on March 15th. Look for more information in the coming months, but until then, we are having a poster contest for the program. It will be used to promote this new program. We will select one winner at elementary, middle, and high school levels, with one being the overall winner and selected to represent JISD Reads for this year.
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Support the Friends of JISD Libraries

Friends of JISD Libraries

The Friends of JISD Libraries, along with a donation from Dr. Ball and the Judson Education Foundation, are paying for the two authors that we are featuring with our JISD Writes and JISD Reads initiatives. If you would like to see more authors brought to our district, please consider supporting FJL by purchasing a cup, mask, or both!

You may purchase items from your librarian or on My School Bucks.

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Your JISD Libraries in Action

Fun @ Hopkins

January was full of fun activities in the Hopkins Library! First Grade students read the book "Be a Maker" by Katey Howes and created towers of their own. Kinder and First tried their hand at origami to make a party had just like Cake wore in "Cake!" by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnett. Second Grade students were introduced to Destiny Discover, the Library Catalog and were able to request just right books. Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade were challenged to learn more about Destiny Discover and participate in reading the Bluebonnet Award List Books so that they can participate in the Bluebonnet Breakfast on February 4th. All students also had the opportunity to compete in READ Bowl - The World Championship of Reading, organized by the Read With Malcolm Foundation. We can't wait to see if the Hopkins Hawks can make it on the Leaderboard by Superbowl Sunday!
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Read-a-Thon @ KHMS

The Kitty Hawk Library is hosting a Read-a-Thon Fundraiser! This fundraiser is super easy and fun! Students have received a "special code" to activate their Read-a-Thon page. If students are learning virtually, they can register by going to the KH website and clicking the "Register Here for the Read-a-Thon" to activate the page. Once they have done this, they can share their page with family and friends to solicit donations. The goal is to have students conduct at least 10 reading sessions. These will be done during students' Advisory classes during the month of February, but students can also track home reading on their page. All donations are done online using a credit card, PayPal, or eCheck. You can check how the Read-a-Thon is progressing, (top readers, funds raised, etc.) on the Read-a-Thon homepage. See Mrs. Colwell for questions.
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Holocaust Remembrance Week @ Copperfield

Students at Copperfield listened to the book Benno and the Night of Broken Glass. Librarian Nikki Polk read the book to third graders during the Holocaust Remembrance Week. Students wrote dialogue from the perspective of the character Sophie who is not heard from in the book. Students used evidence from the text to support their dialogue.
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Using TexQuest Resources @ Escondido

Students at Escondido Elementary have been empowered through resources in the library to create content for the morning announcements. Using traditional books, digital books, and TexQuest Resources to find information, students have been submitting jokes and fun facts to share with the entire campus. It's a fun way for everyone to learn together.
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JISD Book Clubs

Battle of the Books

The JISD Librarians have chosen 5 new books for the 2021-2022 Battle of the Books list. See the button below for great titles to read with your late elementary to middle school readers. We hope that the 2022 Battle will be an in-person, team battle as in years past.

JISD In-beTWEEN Book Club

Join us for the first session of the JISD In-beTWEEN book club for our middle school students on Tuesday, February 23rd @ 4:30 via Zoom. The book is Game Changer: John McClendon and the Secret Game by John Coy. Click HERE to join and get the information including the Zoom links.
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JISD YA Book Club

This month, we are reading I Have the Right To: A High School Survivor's Story of Sexual Assault, Justice, and Hope by Chessy Prout. Join us for the discussion on Tuesday, February 16th @ 4:30. Sign up HERE to get the Zoom code and password.
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BYOBook Adult Book Club

This month, we are reading and discussing Sandra Dallas' True Sisters on Monday, February 22nd @ 7:00 P.M. To find the zoom code and more information, join HERE.
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Lead Librarian, Pamela Thompson

If you have questions, concerns, or comments regarding this newsletter or any JISD Library Services Program, please contact Lead Librarian, Pamela Thompson.