By: Chase Prestia

General Info on Winds

  • Definition- Wind is the movement of air from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure
  • What Causes Winds- Winds are caused by differences in air pressure

Local Winds

  • Definition- Local Winds are winds that move over small areas
  • Creation- Local Winds are caused by unequal heating of Earth's surface within a small area
  • How Sea Breezes Blow- A Sea Breeze is a local wind that blows from an ocean towards the land
  • How Land Breezes Blow- A Land Breeze is a local wind that blows from the land over a lake or ocean

Global Winds

  • Definition- A Global Wind is a wind that blows steadily over long distances
  • Creation- Global Winds are created by unequal heating of Earth's surface over a large area
  • Giant Convection Current- The Coriolis Effect makes Global Winds turn in a large circle as the winds move across the globe
  • Horse Latitudes- Located at 30 degrees North or South and are very weak
  • Trade Winds- Lie between 0 degrees and 30 degrees and are very strong
  • Trade Winds (continued)- Sailors use these winds to help them move cargo to other countries to trade goods
  • Prevailing Westerlies- These winds lie between 30 degrees and 60 degrees north and south latitude and blow from the west
  • Jet Streams- A band of very strong winds in the upper Troposphere
  • Jet Streams (continued)- Airplanes use them to travel faster while saving fuel
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Sea Breeze

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Horse Latitudes

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Trade Winds

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Prevailing Westerlies

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Jet Streams