By: Lauren Brosnahan


Mia hall deals with the aftermath of a horrible car accident involving her family. Mia has ended up outside her body which is one of a kind experience as she watches as her memories flash before her eyes as she now has to realize if she wants to wake up to Adam or die and be with her family.

Main characters

Mia Hall- She is amazing at the cello. She is very different from her family. Wants to go to Julliard but Adam doesn't want her to but she tries out anyway. She had a great family and lost nearly in a second.

Adam- Adam is the lead singer and guitar player in his band shooting star. in the past year the band has come somewhat famous and in years to come to be more famous. Adam is a very nice guy who cares a lot for people he cares about. Adam has loved Mia for a long time. They love each other more than most people would at their age.

Secondary Characters

Mom- she is Mia's mom and she is a rocker and is very different from mia and loves her very much and would do anything for her daughter.

Dad- Mia's dad also loves he very much and would also do anything for his daughter like selling his guitar for her own cello. He had his own band he started to get popular but not like the famous billionaire popular more like little drunk bar famous. Becomes a teacher when they have the littlest one.

Incidental characters

kim, gramps, gran, liz, denny, nurse ramirez, young mia, willow, henry, surgeon, liddy

Main conflicts

One of the many main conflicts are that Mia is a very talented ceelo player and adam is a rockr who trravles and mia wants to go to julliard but adam wats her to stay with him adn live in a house together. MIa wanst to stay with adam but she also wants to follow her dream so she sends in a video of her singing and sends it to julliard and they loved it so she goes and auditions for julliard. WEhn adam finds out he gets all pissy and dosnt talk to her for a while and goes on atour with his band. when he gets back then realizes that mias in her death bed and asks her to stay....


time- the past is during her junior and senior year of high school, while the present is divided by time.

place-mostly focuses about her high school year and about her family in the house, while the present focuses more about the events that happen at the hospital. she is staying, not the hospital down in her hometown but a small local place that looks more like an old age home a than medical center.


Gayle Forman- she used to be a journalist . First job was for seventeen magazine. when she was little she wanted to grow up to be the sun. she was devastated when she found out that want an option. Adam was inspired by hr husband.When she took her SAT she bombed it and still did good in her life. She has been to 64 countries. She took 3 years off before college to travel.
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Point of view

well Mia is the narrator through the whole story. She switches past to present the whole entire story and quite honestly gets really confusing, and annoying but that is the only bad thing about the story.

literary techniques

pg 6- "i leaf through the newspaper"

pg 8- " the cello looked human"

pg-12- " she put her foot down"

pg 13- "Dad has to turn the ignition over a few times before the car chokes to life"

pg 22- "claiming the image of a pint sized girl with such a hulking instrument between my spindly legs had made them crack up"

pg 22- " But reaction still stung"

ph 33- "seemed totally hopeless happy to sit in the lunch room absorbed in a book"

pg 39- " felt the heat flood to my neck"

pg 55- "felt like a fish out of water in my own family"


First theme is power of love. In the book it is quite amazing how love can motivate someone to do things they thought would never happen. in the story adam tries to visit his girlfriend Mia who is in a comma lying on a bed in the ICU . However nurses and doctors wont let Adam in the room, so Adam makes a plan to sneak in her room. Now that's love man.

second theme is difficulty of decision making. Mia has to choose between Adam and Julliard. Well to Mia going to Julliard wouldn't mean that she has to break up with Adam. She thought it would be betrayal if she went which she thought it meant that she would choose music over Adam. She also knew it would be hard not to see Adam that much anymore. well If she gets accepted shes defiantly not going to turn it down. when mia was unconscious she was thinking well i have a choice should i die or not and it took to the end of the book to realize if she should stay or not.


“ Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you.” -pg.192-------- I HAVE LIVED THIS QUOTE FOR A LONG TIME IT JUST TOUCHES ME. ITS ALSO VERY TRUE AND PEOPLE DON'T REALIZE IT MUCH BUT CHOICES DO MAKE YOU.

“ I’m only ten years older than him, but it’s like I’ve already had so much more life. It is

unfair. if one of us should have been left behind, if one of us should be given the opportunity for more life, it should be him.” - pg.160------- I PICKED THIS QUOTE BECAUSE I WOULD DO THE SAME EXACT THING FOR M SISTER BECAUSE I LOVE HER AND WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR HER.

“So I can show her that I’m here. That someone’s still here.” -pg.125-------


“And I suddenly I just need to hold his hand more than I've ever needed anything in this world.”-pg. 234----- I LOVE THIS QUOTE BECAUSE IT SHOWS HOW MUCH SHE LOVES HIM AND HOW MUCH SHE REALLY DOSE NEED HIM.

“There are like twenty people in that waiting room right now. Some of them are related to you. Some of them are not. But we’re all your family.” -pg. 220-------- WELL I CHOSE THIS QUOTE BECAUSE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE STORY MIA THOUGHT SHE WAS A NOBODY AND THOUGH SHE WAS HIDDEN IN THE MUSIC ROOM BUT SHE S NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE CARE AND LOVE HER