Wildcat News 9/16

From the desk of Beckie Webster

Thank you for keeping the focus on student learning:

Do you remember what it is like to be at a new place to work-navigating the new, finding your way and looking for support?

We had a 1st new to WSE Meeting yesterday and I wanted to say congratulations to our entire staff. Our newbies shared that the support they have received so far has been amazing-Darby & Cynthia's curriculum support, the focused work in PLC, the support of our team leaders, Christina taking care of any need right away, our Sped. staff willing to go above and beyond to help them and they feel our campus culture of Kids 1st! They couldn't say enough about how our campus meets the needs of both students and teachers in a positive way. Thank you Wildcat Staff for a job well done!

Great job to our 5th Grade Student Leaders. Check out the posters that 5th grade made to share when they are Wildcat Wednesday Leaders. What a wonderful example of student ownership!

Congrats to our Amazing Academic Leaders for a fantastic PLC in all of our grade levels. Their hard work is appreciated and the effort to support student instruction will pay off-I know it. Thank you to Gisselle Martin, Yvette Venegas, Marcia Fields, Christine Voigt, Kathy Irwin, Leann Becker, Darby Tobolka and Cynthia Diaz de Leon.

Whitestone Wildcats!

Guess what day it was? Teddy Bear Picnic and our students were locked out of their classroom's this morning because the Bears were having a party in the classroom. One kinder student told me that we could get a hammer to open the door!!! Thank you to Martha (our day custodian) for saving the day!

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