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Tallwood Elementary School Staff Newsletter

Week of January 4, 2016

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A BIG Thanks To...

A big thank you to Mrs. Landry for showing me how to do something on the computer. Vickie Storm

Kudos to Geri Pattie for collaborating and working to give our students a unique learning opportunity at THS for their Ancient Greece festival. Kudos to 3rd grade teachers and their students. They represented TES very well when we visited THS for their Ancient Greece festival. Their behavior, attention, respect for the learning environment is a reflection of the expectations Amber, Elizabeth, Kathleen, Corey, and Lauren have set for their students. – Keisha O’Neal

A huge thank you to Susanne Rossero for her calm demeanor in the cafeteria every day. She is exceptionally cool (in a good way) this time of year where the kids seem to be a bit more excitable. Tammy Schubart

A big Thank You to Wilkerson, Dantonio, Cooper, Knoblauch, and Hickey for helping with Movie Night. We couldn’t have done it without you. SCA Team – Mendoza, Daugherty, and Brennan

This Week's PINS

Upcoming Events in January

Math and Technology Collaboration Week

Tuesday, Jan. 5- Grade 2 Skype with Author Tara Lazar in Learning Commons 10:00 am

Thursday, Jan. 7- Ocean Lakes ES visit for Digital Learning Walks

Friday, Jan. 8- 4th Grade Learning Walks and Collaboration; 8:10-11:30 am

Friday- Student of the Month and Terrific Timberwolves 9:00 am

Happy Birthday!

3rd- Corie Olenych

5th- Donna Morales

8th- Pam Jones

12th- Sandra Reimers

27th-Kathleen Mendoza

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