3 Companies that succed in 2015

By Kian Shahbazi


Amazon had been one of the successful companies that did well in the year of 2015. From fast shipping to fantastic customer service. They were the most talked company of last year. People were very satisfied with there shipping, products, and customer service. In my opinion amazon was a company that was small and it was like any ordinary company. But over the years the company had grown its manufacturing locations, distribution, and much more.


Apple with the 2015 year ending had done an outstanding job on its devices and on its sales. With the new iPhone 6s out with the four new colors Rose Gold, Gold, Sliver Grey, and White. The product had done tremendously. Apple has came out of many new inventions that would be very beneficial. They had come out with the iWatch, the new Apple tv, and many others.


Starbucks is the #1 coffee company through out the world.This world wide coffee brand an be found in every corner of your daily life. Starbucks uses freshly brewed coffee and they are most famous for that. Starbucks has many qualities that make Starbucks a world wide company. They have the best customer service, fantastic coffee, and tasty pastry. The prices at Starbucks may be to much but they have a good reason for that.