My Life Map

Ussama Khan

Proactive Decisions

Earn money to save up for a decent car and pay insurance for myself and the car. That will help me in many ways, get to school on time, take your family and friends out somewhere, and help in the house by buying grocery. You won't have to worry about being late to class or anywhere else, just leave early and drive to school, no waiting for the bus or walking. I would take my family out to dinner or take my friends out to a beach or somewhere fun. Have motives for the weekend and stay active. Use the car in emergencies, going to go buy milk for my parents at 12 in the night, just take my car and drive to the nearest store and pick it up. Saving money shows you the value of money, what it could get you if you save up or even see how you will be if you don't save up and spend all your money. Saving money has showed me responsibilities and how to spend it on a right item.

The Big Decision

I took a decision of changing my school because of my education, the surroundings of the school, and the bad influence. I went to BCSS when I was in grade 9, stayed there till grade 10, first semester and then came to MSPS. At BCSS, people will influence you to skip or do something bad, I didn't like that because of that my teachers didn't like me, I was losing marks in my classes and I was slowly losing the motive to go to class or do any work. When I came to MSPS, things changed, everyone is nice and humble, people tell you to go to class and the teachers are very nice. It was a big decision for me, deciding to leave all my friends behind for comfort. It didn't feel right at once but then it felt good being in a new school where you can start fresh. I did this so the goals I have set for my future, end up happening or anyone to judge about my personal values. I took the responsibility to talk to the Peel staffs and make my goal come true and begin my journey.

G2 License

Giving a test for my G2 license, hope to do well. Give it my best and show the instrsuctor what i have learned from my driving lessons and personal driving.

Personal Development


I have achieved to be confident when I speak, try to speak loud and be clear of what I’m saying. If I have something to say, I will say it and if there is something to take a stand for, I will take that stand. I have learned how to talk to a manager or talk to someone hiring you at a job, having to be respectful, and really confident about yourself and the job.


I have learned how to control my emotions and how to use them. I don't get angry a lot because it is not good for your health or for anyone else, but when i do, i am mad for a while. I will take control and avoid doing something bad that will increase the situation or leave to a bad ending. If you got fired at work, you can’t be mad at the manager or anyone else, avoid getting angry and think about the situation or what will happen after if you take the next step.


I have achieved the ability to think and understand things, especially complicated ideas. i know how to prepare for a debate, know the rules of the argument and know how to stand up for something. With the values given from my parents, i have the courage to argue a debate and stay standing, no matter what happens, I will stand for the right argument and not let the other person win.


By going to the YMCA (Gym), I have achieved a nice, strong, and a fit body. By working out, picking up weight, doing exercises, running and doing laps. I have earned a big chest, strong legs and heavy arms. Staying physically fit is necessary because it can affect your health and if you don’t stay fit, your health could get bad and have serious injuries.