Two Parents Two Heroes

By: Dylan

Imagine you have cancer and are weak. Or imagine you have a child who loves baseball like you. My mother had cancer but she would not let that stop her. She fought and fought. Ever since then she has tried to make herself a better and more healthy person. She has inspired not only me, but many others too, to be healthy and strong. She is a very inspirational person and a great role model. My father has taught me something that will stick with me forever. Something that has created an everlasting bond between us. He has taught me the game of baseball. Something my father and I have had great memories with. Not only has he done that but he is home most days with me when I get home. He has pulled out of my bad moods and has taught me very many lessons. In the end my mother and father are two people I could not live without. They are my role models, my inspiration, and most of all my heroes. Please enjoy exploring my website about heroes.
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