Gabriel Prosser

Gabriel's life

What Prosser is Famous For

Prosser is famous for his rebellion for education, movement, and hiring out of the enslaved. He also had help with his rebellion from Jack Bowler and George Smith. Prosser had 26 other slaves in his rebellion with him. He planned to have the rebellion the night of August 30, 1800. But Prosser needed to Postpone the attack because that night the worst rainstorm hit and it flooded roads, washed out bridges, and prevented Prosser's army from assembling. So the attack had to wait until Aug. 31, 1800.

Thomas Henrey and Gabriel

Gabriel's master Thomas Henrey allowed Gabriel to hire himself out to masters in and around Richmond. Giving him a certain amount of freedom as well as money

Gabriel as a Child

Gabriel was born about October 10, 1776. He had two brothers Martin and Solomon. When Gabriel was about 10 him his brother Solomon were training to be blacksmiths. It is also likely that their father was a blacksmith.
Gabriel's Rebellion, The Slave Revolt That Never Was, Richmond Virginia 1800
Gabriel experienced several strong influences like the American Revolution and the uprising Saint Domingue, and several other things.