Wildfires Uncovered

The true story behind the flames by Natalya and Maggie

What Are Wildfires?

Imagine this: a huge fire breaks out and engulfs everything and everyone unlucky enough to still be in its way. Wildfires are uncontrolled fires in forested areas. They can be caused by human carelessness, lightning, arson, volcanic eruptions, or pyroclastic clouds. It has Geographic, Human, and Weather causes.

Impacts and how we can help


A wildfire's impact on the environment can be both devastating and helpful. Some of the negative impacts are as follows:

1. They burn down the environment that took tens of years to grow

2. They cause animals that resided in the forested area to lose their homes

3. They can burn down various settlements

And those are a handful of negatives. But, now let's look on the bright side: It creates fertile soil that helps agricultural purposes, and the trees and plants that grow back are stronger and healthier. Now, the impact that it has on humans is mostly bad. Wildfires hurt the air and make it harder for humans to breathe, they can kill their crops and can destroy houses.

What We Can Do

1.Keep a Fire Escape Supply Kit with things like food, water, blankets, and First Aid.

2.Have a plan ahead of time.

3.Get as far away as possible, preferably by a water source if you are near one.

4.Have a way to contact 911 and family-keep a phone handy.

5. Keep on the lookout for falling trees and other alarming signs- it's better to try and prevent fires beforehand.

One of the best ways to avoid wildfires is to know where they are most likely to happen. Some of the common locations are forested areas in the U.S. and Canada.

Taking Action

We are starting a charity event called Food for Flames. We will be putting together care packages for the people who have lost their homes to forest fires, and raising money to build new homes with a Bake Sale and a Swim for Awareness event. Pay one dollar and swim a 500m relay race with a team of your choice. We will accept donations for the care packages and in addition to the relay race, there will also be a pool for non-racers. The entry fee will go towards supplies for the care baskets. It will be held at the local YWCA pool from 12pm-6pm Friday through Sunday, June 4th-6th. Our slogan is Spread the Love.
Raw: Major Wildfires on Central California Coast