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October 16, 2015

Mrs. Schaefer's 3rd Grade Class

Happy Friday! Check out how much fun we had at school this week!

Our Week of Learning

  • This week we finished our first novel study - Sarah, Plain, and Tall. We will be finishing up our cumulative projects for this novel in the coming week.
  • This week our reading skills included; recounting stories and determining the theme or central message of a novel. We also continued discussing the story and showing our thinking while we read.
  • Students continued exploring our Tech Time options. This has been a wonderful motivator for students. Take a look at our class Symbaloo to see some of the resources students will be utilizing. Your child is very familiar with how to access these tools - I know they would be happy to show you!


  • This week students interpreted the quotient in a division problem as the number of groups or the number of objects in each group.
  • Students also continued to use tape diagrams to model division and multiplication word problems and explain their thinking.
  • We introduced a program called Xtra Math that students will be using to practice their basic fact fluency. This program is a great way to help students master their basic facts. Students may access this program from home as well by visiting the following link - Their username and password are taped into the front of their assignment notebook. (I have also linked this to our class Symbaloo)


  • This week we learned our first two cursive letters - the lowercase "i" and the lowercase "t."
  • We also learned how to use non fiction books in the library to complete research.
  • Spelling will resume as normal next week.
Social Studies
  • We have been discussing various aspects of pioneer life and on Thursday, students had the opportunity to research pioneers in the LMC. We will be continuing our research in the library and classroom in preparation for our trip to Sholes School next week. We are can't wait for our trip!
  • Corn Cob toys were a huge hit! I am so impressed by all of the creativity.
  • Students created a quick video so you could see what the students in 3Sc created with their Corn Cobs. However, we are currently experiencing technically difficulties, so this will be sent to you as soon as I have worked out the glitches.

News From Your Student

  • Don't forget to check out your child's weekly newsletter. This is a great way to hear about our week of learning from your child's perspective!
  • The students were also excited to share their corn cob toys with you. They certainly worked hard on this project! Very impressive.
  • **Video will be coming your way soon**

Book Orders

There are tons of wonderful books available in this months book order. Just as a reminder, you may also submit orders online using our class code - whichever is easiest for you. Scholastic Books

Book order code: LGHNC

Book order due date: October, 23rd

Reminders and Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday, October 21 - Sholes School Trip (More Info to Come)
  • Friday, October 23 - School Spirit Day: Pajama Day
  • Friday, October 23 - Fun Fair!
  • Friday, October 30 - Halloween Party

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