Discussion Board Explanation

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Everything you need to know about Discussion Boards

How it Looks in the Gradebook

Discussion Boards are grouped into Units. A thorough breakdown of which Lessons are covered by which Discussion Board grades would look something like this:

  • Discussion 1: Lessons 1-5 (Unit 1)
  • Discussion 2: Lessons 6-10 (Unit 2)
  • Discussion 3: Lessons 11-15 (Unit 3)
  • Discussion 4: Lessons 16-20 (Unit 4)
  • Discussion 5: Lessons 21-25 (Unit 5)
  • Discussion 6: Lessons 26-30 (Unit 6)

What You Need to Post

  • Minimum of 2 posts per Lesson
  • Use facts and data
  • Do research to support your point
  • Give full MLA citations

Posting Options


Plagiarism is illegal, and if you copy from other sources or other students, you will not earn any points and your post will be removed.

Even if you put your information in quotes, if your entire post is just a quote, you won't earn credit.