KC Soccer School

"We Have The Best Coach's And Referees In Missouri."

We are the best soccer school in the midwest!

Has there ever been a time where you wanted to participate in a soccer but can't afford it, well guess what if you come down to Prairie Point Elementary and Tiffany Athletic Zone, we will transform children in the ages 9 to 12 into professional soccer teams and players for only $15 per hour.

our amazing service

Please come to our shop.

The customers opportunity cost is the arcade and the arts vs our soccer school. Our opportunity cost is between the cost of the land.

Locations are Tiffany Athletic Zone for winter, and for spring and fall Prairie Point Elementary.

Times are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,Friday.

5:30, 6:30, 7:30, and 8:30 pm.

Games are every Saturday and Sunday.

Thanks from Adela, Justice, and Ryan.