2016 fall


Hello Chieftain Parents and Students!

I want to officially welcome you all to the Chieftain Chorus family this year. If this is your first year involved with Chieftains, you're in for a great year of singing and special events. As you can see below, we do a lot more than just perform at the Winter and Spring Concerts. For returning parents/students, of course you know that already!

Below you will find a TON of information about Chieftain Chorus this year, from things happening soon, to things way off down the road. The first several sections include general information, schedules, procedures, and expectations. The later sections offer some specific info. about each performance and event in which Chieftain Chorus plays a role.

Please bookmark this page so you can refer back to it throughout the year. You can expect relatively frequent updates from me via email, with further details for each event as it gets closer.

I also update my Chieftain Chorus webpage with more specific information about Chieftain events throughout the year.

Mr. Sanchez

Rehearsal and Performance Schedule

I use an online calendar to post rehearsal and performance times and dates. Please bookmark my homepage, and check my calendar often! It is currently updated with rehearsals through the end of September and performances through June (not including to-be-scheduled Gold'n'Blues performances).

"REmind" app for notifications

I will be using an app called REMIND again this year to send out reminder notifications about rehearsals, performances, and other events. I will also use it to spread word of any last minute cancellations/changes, etc. I would like every Chieftain member to sign up to receive these notifications. Parents may sign up for the notifications as well. The process to sign up is very easy and can be found HERE. You can decide to download the Remind app for your phone, or choose to receive text or email notifications instead.

General Chieftain Chorus Rehearsal Schedule Information

Rehearsals this year will USUALLY be held on Tuesdays from 2:45-4:00pm. There will USUALLY be one rehearsal each week.

Mid-September through December:

Rehearsal usually once a week, some weeks with sectionals (just Tenors and Basses or just Altos and Sopranos). Some weeks not on Tuesday - be sure to check the calendar. If I can work the schedule out, our last December rehearsal will conclude with a party. Students with last names starting with A - K should bring something to share. The rest of the alphabet will be responsible for food at our spring party.

In January:

We will rehearse probably 3 or 4 times in preparation for the VH1 Save the Music concert. Exact schedule TBA.

Between VH1 (Jan. 28) and our Spring Musical (March 11th):

There will be no Chieftain Chorus rehearsal. This allows students and teachers (ahem... ME!) to focus on the musical during this time. The only Chieftain-related activities during that time will be for any student who makes it into County Chorus.

After the Musical:

We will start rehearsing again (usually once a week, Tuesdays 2:45-4:00) the week of March 13th and continue until our Allentown Adjudication on May 26th.

After Memorial Day, we will meet about 2 or 3 more times (TBA) to prepare our Final Awards Assembly song, have our spring party, and vote for the 2017-2018 Chieftain Chorus Officers.

This Year's Chieftain Chorus Performances (Required Events!)

Please mark your calendars, avoid scheduling anything else during these times, and let me know ASAP of any existing conflicts:

Wednesday, November 11th – Veterans Day Assembly (in school)

Wednesday, December 7th – Winter Concert, 7:00 pm

Friday, January 27th – VH1 Save the Music Concert*, 7:30 pm

Saturday, January 28th - VH1 Save the Music Concert*, 3:00 pm

Saturday, January 28th – VH1 Save the Music Concert*, 7:30pm

Saturday, April 22nd – 8th Annual Central Bucks A Cappella Festival (at Tamanend) ,~12:30pm - 9:30pm

Thursday, May 4th – Spring Concert, 7:00pm

Wednesday, May 24th – 6th Grade Orientation (in school)

Late May - Preview Concert for school (usually the week of the Allentown Adjudication trip)

Friday, May 26th – Allentown Adjudication Trip (& Dorney!) (~6am - 9pm)

Tuesday, June 13th – Final Awards Assembly (in school)

TBA in the Spring - AcaTamaJam

* Chieftain members must perform in one of the Save the Music evening concerts. Gold'n'Blues members must perform in all three concerts.

Please note, that the performance dates above are specific to Chieftain Chorus. Grade level chorus and Gold'n'Blues performances will be communicated separately and can be found on my online calendar. Speaking of that...

Attendance Expectations

Students are expected at every Chieftain Chorus rehearsal and performance, unless there is a legitimate reason to miss.


1) For school-related issues (sports/making up tests/etc.) students should talk to me, or better yet, write me a note. Certainly, schoolwork is the number one priority. However, do be responsible and plan studying, projects, interviews for projects, etc. around our rehearsals. If schoolwork is an excuse for missing rehearsal more than once, you can expect have a conversation with me about your commitment to Chieftain Chorus, and if it is fair that you continue in the group. "A lot of homework" should not be an excuse for missing rehearsal, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

2) For outside of school issues (Doctors appts, family travel, etc.), please send an email or note from parent.

3) Sickness - if absent from school, there is no need to send me a separate excuse note, as I will check the school attendance. If you feel sick at the end of the day and go home instead of rehearsal, please send a parent note/email as soon as you can.

4) Please try to avoid sending a verbal message about absences with a peer, or even telling me in person. WRITE it down – that way I won’t forget!

Note - please try to have a ride home right after rehearsal. If that is not possible, please check with me if you think you will be around later than 30 minutes from the end of rehearsal. I can let you know if that is ok. I cannot leave until my students are gone, and I have a family and life to go home to as well, so I ask that you respect my 'off-duty' time.

You will be allowed 1 UNEXCUSED absence from a Chieftain Chorus rehearsal. If you have 2 UNEXCUSED absences, you will no longer be a member of Chieftain Chorus.

Although there is much learned in a rehearsal that cannot be made up, the best way to catch up on what you missed is by making sure you know your parts in our songs. You can work with your peers on that, either at resource or on your own time. Additionally, I am able to post learning tracks on my website for some songs.

If you miss rehearsal and I don’t know why, both student and parent will receive a notification via email. Please respond promptly

If you have numerous EXCUSED absences, you can expect to have a conversation about your commitment to Chieftain Chorus, and if it is fair that you continue in the group.

No unexcused absences from performances! If you have an unexcused concert absence you will no longer be a member of Chieftain Chorus.

One final note about absences - if you are absent from school on the day of an after school rehearsal, event, or performance, you are not allowed to participate in the after school event. As such, please be sure to make it in for at least a half day of school (10:45 is considered halfway through the day) if you have plans of attending a Chieftain function after school hours!

Athletic Team Sharing Schedule

Many Chieftain Chorus members take part in extra-curricular sports teams at Tamanend in 7th/8th grade and at South in 9th grade. Here is how you are expected to share your time:


If you have a sports game/meet/match / Chieftain Chorus rehearsal conflict, you will not attend Chieftain Chorus rehearsal at all. Go win for Tamanend! Go Tigers!

For sports practice / Chieftain rehearsal conflicts:

1) Inform your coach of the conflict ahead of time.

2) Get dressed for your sports practice right after school

3) Come to Chieftain rehearsal by 2:45pm

4) Leave Chieftain rehearsal at 3:30 for your sports practice.

Most Tamanend sports practice until 4:30 or 5:00. For shorter practices, check with me to see if we need to modify the times in the plan above.


If you have a sports game/meet/match / Chieftain Chorus rehearsal conflict, you will not attend Chieftain Chorus rehearsal at all. Go win for South! Go Titans!

For sports practice / Chieftain rehearsal conflicts:


Split your time:

1) Inform your coach of the conflict ahead of time.

2) DO NOT take the South sports bus at 2:15pm

2) Get dressed for your sports practice right after school

3) Come to Chieftain rehearsal by 2:45pm

4) Leave Chieftain rehearsal at 3:20 for your sports practice. PLAN AHEAD TO HAVE A RIDE.


Plan ahead of time to attend every other week of Chieftain rehearsal in it's entirety. Be sure to look ahead at both your sports calendar and the Chieftain calendar to plan an appropriate rotation AND communicate with me and your coach ahead of time.

Please know that most South coaches understand that you are still a middle school student and have middle school commitments. You are not the first with this conflict - it can be worked out, with communication! In addition to 9th grade/JV teams, I have had students on the following varsity teams successfully work out conflicts in the last several years: Girls Soccer, Cross Country, Football, Cheerleading, Softball.

On the rare occasion of a conflict with a South sports game/meet/match and a Tamanend CONCERT (it has happened a couple times with girls basketball), you must find a way to attend the concert. Each Chieftain concert is unique, whereas you have multiple games/meets/matches with your sports team. When this has been an issue, students have found a way to attend half a sports contest, and still make it back for the concert. Again, communication is key!

Attire for Performances

Three of our performances this year (several more for Gold'n'Blues members / Orchestra members / 9th Grade Chorus members) require:

  1. BLACK DRESS PANTS (no leggings or jeans please!)
  3. Dark socks and dress shoes.

Please have this attire dug out/purchased/borrowed/etc. by November 22nd if you are attending the Country Gentlemen Barbershop clinic (all Gold'n'Blues members and interested Chieftain members - details further down on this page). Otherwise, you have until the winter concert in December. All Chieftain Chorus members will receive a Chieftain tie that will be worn with the button-down collar shirts. Students will keep the tie until our performance at the Allentown Adjudication Festival in May (please keep in a safe place - replacement cost is $20).

Two of our performances (including Veterans Day, described above) this year require:

  1. Any solid color button-down shirt (or other solid-color dressy shirt for ladies)
  2. Any color dress pants
  3. Gentlemen – long tie (any color/pattern)
  4. Dark socks/dress shoes


  1. Any school-appropriate dress

You may certainly wear your black and white attire for these days as well, if that is all you have that fits the criteria. Please have this attire ready for our Veterans Day assembly on November 11th.

At least three of our performances (and more for Gold'n'Blues and 9th Grade Chorus members) this year require BLUE JEANS (long, not shorts). Please be sure you have a pair of jeans that fit by the VH1 Save the Music Concert on January 27/28th (by 9/29 for 9th grade chorus members and probably later in the fall for Gold'n'Blues members).

We wear Chieftain Chorus T-shirts for at least three performances. Speaking of that...

Chieftain Chorus T-Shirts / Hoodies

We create a new Chieftain Chorus T-Shirt / Hoodie each year; you will be getting an order form for this year's version in October. We wear our shirts / hoodies as a group a few times during the school year, including for our 6th Grade Orientation and in-school concert performances in late May.

Traditionally, the Chieftain Chorus logo, printed on these garments and used on other visuals throughout the year, is student-created. Hopefully, we can continue the same tradition this year! Designs for this year's logo are due by Friday, September 30th. If you plan to design a logo, keep the following in mind:

1) Hand drawn logos should be submitted in darkly-drawn black and white. No shading please, as that does not translate well onto a t-shirt screen print. Likewise, an abundance of small, finely-drawn details does not work well. If you have specific coloring ideas, you may submit an additional, colored version of the logo as well (3 colors maximum, please, to keep shirt costs reasonable). Drawing on plain 8.5"x11" paper works the best.

2) Computer-designed logos should use the highest resolution possible for any artwork or lettering. If you're not sure if a design is high resolution, zoom in and see if the design 'pixelates' (starts to appear as individual squares instead of one smooth design). Submit computer-created designs electronically to my email ( Again, please submit these in black and white. If you have coloring ideas, submit an additional, colored version (3 colors max).

I'm looking forward to seeing all the creative logo ideas!

Typical Chieftain Chorus Costs Throughout the School Year

As with most activities, there are a few costs associated with Chieftain Chorus. For your planning purposes, I thought it would make sense to list them for you now. Keep in mind that these are approximate amounts based on past years. Actual amounts for this year may vary. I included the approximate month/date when these costs will come up. I believe I have thought of all the big expenses. Experienced parents, let me know if I'm missing something!

Concert Attire (this fall) - many families will need to purchase some or all of the items needed to meet the concert attire requirements above - COST VARIES

T-Shirt (within the next month) - described above - ~$15-$20 (more if ordering a hoodie)

Retreat food (a fall Saturday, TBA) - I order donuts for the morning and pizza for lunch for our Chieftain Retreat - ~$5

Barbershop Workshop (November 22nd, for those attending) - lunch may be available to order (tba, ~$10), concert tickets (beyond the 2 free ones provided) - TBA.

VH1 Save the Music Concert (December, January) - Optional T-shirt (~$15), Optional concert tickets (ranging from ~$7 for student performer to ~$15 for adult tickets)

County Chorus tryouts (November (9) or January (7-8) ~$5 fee. Festival Registration (only for those who tryout and make it in) (March) - $20, tickets for family members to watch concert ~$10 each

A Cappella Festival (March/April) - Registration fee for the day's events, t-shirt, dinner - ~$30. Tickets to attend the concert (not needed for Chieftain members) ~$10 Children, ~$20 parents

Adjudication Festival / Dorney Park (April/May) - Pays for the adjudication festival, Dorney admission, and transportation - ~$80

Misc. concessions, incidental purchases at events: Coffeehouse, County Chorus auditions and festival, VH1 Save the Music Concert, A Cappella Festival, AcaTamaJam, Dorney Park, possible other group meals (usually ~5 each) - COST VARIES

Behavior Expectations during Chieftain Functions

Student behavior at all rehearsals, performances, and other events should be top-notch! Please recognize when it is appropriate to talk, laugh, and socialize, and when it is NOT.

If anyone struggles with this, you can expect a conversation with me about your commitment to Chieftain Chorus, and if it is fair that you continue in this group.

If you have your phone out and/or are using during rehearsal, you will be asked to leave.

If it happens a second time, you will be kicked out of Chieftains. You may quickly check your phone during a transition between songs, but you must put it away again quickly when we start rehearsing.

You should not be leaving the room during rehearsal unless you 1) need a quick drink of water, 2) have a bathroom emergency that can't wait, 3) get an urgent message from a parent to which you need to respond, or 4) are getting sick. It is your job to participate fully at rehearsal. If you are not doing so, you may be kicked out of Chieftains.

Chieftains is a privilege, and if you don't show the proper respect toward it, you don't deserve the privilege to be part of it.

Behavior Expections outside of Chieftain Chorus

As a member of a select choral group at Tamanend, you represent me, Chieftain Chorus, other choral students, and the Tamanend Music Department in general. If you represent us poorly, I will be speaking with you about your commitment to Chieftain Chorus, and whether or not I am comfortable with you continuing to represent the group.

Grade Expectations

Student grades are a priority. Make sure you are working to your potential in your classes.

Tamanend policy for any after school activity is that one F in a class or two Ds in any 2 classes earns students Academic Probation. Students put on probation have 2 weeks to improve their grades, or they cannot participate in after school activities, such as Chieftain Chorus. Grades should always be monitored on Parent Portal.

My policy is that any B- or lower in your music class gets you on Chieftain Probation. You cannot participate in Chieftain Chorus (or Gold’n’Blues) during this time.

Students on Academic or Chieftain Probation multiple times or for extended periods of time will no longer be in Chieftain Chorus and/or Gold’n’Blues.

Parent Volunteers Needed!

There will be several times throughout the year when I need parent volunteers to help coordinate events, volunteer to help at events, act as a community liaisons, lend technical expertise, donate food items, be an extra set of adult eyes/ears, etc. You will see emails from me with specifics as the year progresses. It would be impossible to do the things Chieftain Chorus is accustomed to without your help! Thank you in advance to all who volunteer to help this year!


Gold'n'Blues is Tamanend's most select chorus, comprised ~25 Chieftain Chorus members. The group, now in it's 6th year, performs quite a bit for the school and in the community. Last year's community performances included a concert at Doylestown's Fountain House (aka the Starbucks in the center of town), a performance at Valley Square, singing the National Anthem at a Phillies game (early this fall), performing for the Miles for Music 5K/1 Mile Walk, Gilda's Club Breakfast with Santa, and 4 senior living facility concerts, to name a few. I also try to have this group share their talent and love of singing with similar peers at other CB middle schools. Last year, we had combined events with select choruses from each of the other 4 schools.

Gold'n'Blues typically rehearses once a week. Rehearsals vary (to avoid the same conflicts each week), and are typically either directly after Chieftain rehearsals or on separate days until about 4:15 or 4:30. There are occasional evening rehearsals as well. Our community performances sometimes fall on weekends (Friday nights or Saturday, generally).

Auditions for this year's group will be held next week (9/19-9/23). The audition includes learning a part of a song on your own (using my practice tracks), sight reading a short choral segment, and 'sing-backs' - singing back a short series of pitches after I play them on the piano. Sign up for an audition time slot in the chorus room (to be posted soon).

Star Spangled Banner Performances at School Events (Optional Solo Opportunity)

Each year, I select a handful of students to sing the Star-Spangled Banner at in-school assemblies and pep rallies. This is a solo, a cappella performance. If you are interested, stay tuned for announcements about tryouts for this opportunity in early October.

County Chorus (Optional Opportunity)

The Bucks County Music Educator Association (BCMEA) County Music Festival is a great way for students to take the next step beyond singing at Tamanend. Each school year, BCMEA hosts a festival for the best student musicians in Bucks County. Interested Chieftain members can tryout to be a part of the choral group. This year's chorus festival will be held on Thursday and Friday, March 16th and 17th (snow dates the 18th/19th). Students miss most of school on those days to participate and then put on a concert Friday evening. Tamanend auditions for 9th graders (who audition for the High School 9th-12th group) will be held in late October or early November. County-wide auditions for the HS group are in the afternoon/evening Tuesday, November 15th. Tamanend Auditions for 7th and 8th graders (who audition for the junior high group) will be held in December. County-wide auditions are in the morning/early afternoon on Saturday, January 7th. Audition music is already posted at, and I will be providing practice materials/opportunities for those interested. Further details will be posted on my Chieftain Chorus website as we get closer to audition dates. I hope to have lots of Tamanend representation at Counties!

Barbershop Ensemble this Fall (Optional Opportunity)

Tamanend has produced some highly talented barbershop quartets in the last five years. In the Central Bucks Youth In Harmony Quartet Festival, our quartets have won gold medals in 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2016 silver medals in 2014 and 2015, and a bronze medal in 2013 and 2016. I am very grateful for the support of the Bucks County Country Gentlemen Barbershop Chorus - I would not be able to prepare the groups without their help and support! We start singing barbershop in the fall. Interested boys will tryout to be in the ensemble that performs 1 song on the winter concert. After that, I will create a quartet (or 2) that will prepare for the CB festival in the spring. Please note - this is a competitive audition - not all boys will be chosen to be in a quartet. Once I have finalized fall ensemble tryouts, I will announce them at Chieftain rehearsal, and upload details to my Barbershop webpage.

Chieftain Chorus Retreat (DATE TBA) (Required Event)

On a fall Saturday morning, we get together for a mix of rehearsing, games, other activities, donuts, and pizza. Please note, this is a required Chieftain Chorus Event, so if there is a conflict with another activity, do let me know and I will excuse the absence (parent email or note, please).

Veterans Day Performance - Friday, November 11th, 7:40am - 8:40am (in school) (Required Event)

Chieftain Chorus sings a medley of armed forces service songs each year at the Veterans Day assembly. Some Important information about the day:

  • We love to see active duty and retired Veterans at Tamanend that morning for the assembly. If you are a Veteran, please consider attending. If you know any Veterans, please extend an invitation to them - the earlier, the better!
  • Chieftain Chorus attire for school that day: Any solid color button-down shirt (or other solid-color dressy shirt for ladies) and dress pants (gentlemen – long tie) (dark socks/dress shoes) OR any school-appropriate dress. NO SHORTS.

6th Annual Coffeehouse (Friday, November 11th, 7:30pm) (Optional Event)

The ever-popular Tamanend Coffeehouse is back! For those new to Chieftains and/or Tamanend , here are some details about the evening:

  • ~1.5 hours of student-prepared performances, with live accompaniment
  • Held on a Friday evening (11/11), in the Tamanend Cafeteria
  • Decorations / lighting help establish a 'coffeehouse' setting
  • Relaxed evening, seating at tables, with hot beverages and refreshments sold (dirty little secret - we don't actually sell coffee, as we don't want to encourage all that caffeine for middle school students. BUT, calling this event the "TEAhouse or HOT CHOCOLATEhouse doesn't really make sense...)
  • Run by / fundraiser for Chieftain Chorus
  • Tryouts (open to any Tamanend student) will be in late October.

We will need set/up, clean/up, ticket, and concessions help on the 11th, decoration loans, and concession donations. Be on the lookout for an email asking for your help!

Bucks County Country Gentlemen / Last Man Standing Clinic Saturday, November 12th, 10AM) (Required for Gold'n'Blues, Optional Opportunity for Chieftain Chorus)

The Bucks County Country Gentlemen Barbershop Chorus is very supportive of CB choral music program. One such support they have established over the last 4 years is a free clinic with the professional barbershop quartet, "Last Man Standing." That morning, quartet members will present a clinic to any interested CB choral students. Students will learn a song and perform it in the Country Gentlemen's afternoon concert at 1:30. Participating students get a concert ticket for themselves and 1 additional ticket. This is a great opportunity for students to work with singing professionals. This event is required for Gold'n'Blues members and encouraged for Chieftain Chorus members. The clinic runs from 10a-12p, with lunch from 12-1p and the afternoon concert starting at 1:30pm. The students perform early in the concert. All of this is held at Lenape Middle School. Concert attire for the day will be the same as for several concerts this year:

  1. BLACK DRESS PANTS (no leggings or jeans please!)
  3. Dark socks and dress shoes.
  4. I will provide Chieftain Chorus Ties for all who attend.

I will communicate further details for this event via email as it gets closer.

Winter and Spring Concert Performances (Required Events)

Tamanend's music department concerts in December and May always include both choral and instrumental performances. We pass out a master schedule of these performances in late September each year. Look for this year's coming out soon - printed on yellow paper. Depending on what other groups you are in, you may be attending more than one concert.

VH1 Save the Music Concert (Friday and Saturday, January 27, 28, 2017) (Required Event)

Now in it's 14th year, the VH1 Save the Music concert has become one of the most anticipated events in CB each year. Money raised at these concerts is donated to the VH1 Save the Music Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting underprivileged schools start their own music programs. Over the years, we have donated $100,000! Last year alone, we donated our highest total ever: $24,000. The concert has grown so much in recent years and we are excited that our donation amounts have been going up very quickly.

This concert is unique for a school concert, in that the performers are mostly teachers. We enlist the musical help of many CB music teachers, some other CB faculty/administration, and a few community musicians as well. Basically, It is our chance to 'rock out' for our students. However, there are some student performers; In my role as one of the four main organizers of this concert, I have my students (Chieftain and Gold'n'Blues) perform in the concert. Chieftain Chorus sings with Holicong's Robe Choir in the Finale to the whole evening and Gold'n'Blues teams up with Holicong's H-Factor to sing in an additional two songs. As stated in the performance list above, Chieftain members need to perform in EITHER the January 27th OR January 28th 7:30pm concert (though they are welcome to perform both nights). Gold'n'Blues members perform on all three concerts, including the Saturday afternoon concert.

All 3 of the concerts are held at Holicong Middle School.

CB A Cappella Festival (hosted at Tamanend, Saturday, April 22nd, 2017) (Required Event)

Now in it's 8th year, the CB A Cappella Festival is another of our big Chieftain Chorus events. Each year, we bring in a professional contemporary a cappella group to work with and perform for our students. I'm excited to announce that this year, that our favorite group, the House Jacks are coming back. I had a chance to see them at an a cappella concert last spring, and I know they will put on a great show!

The day starts in the afternoon (exact arrival time TBD - somewhere between 12:30-1:00pm), with all 5 CB middle schools performing for each other and the House Jacks. After each performance, House Jack members get up on stage and work with the students to take their performance to the next level. What is achieved in a short time is often pretty awesome. Later in the afternoon, students learn a song to be performed with the House Jacks at the evening concert. During the evening concert (7:00pm), each middle school group performs, then the House Jacks will rock the stage for about an hour, including performing a song with all of our participating CB students. The day ends about 9:30pm.

6th Grade Orientation Performance (May 24th, 2017) (Required Event)

Both Chieftain Chorus and Gold'n'Blues (as well as Jazz Band and String Ensemble) perform for the incoming 7th grade class in the spring of their 6th grade year. Chieftain students always seem to remember the music they heard as 6th graders, so that shows that these performances are memorable!

Spring Preview Concert (late May, date TBA) (Required Event)

Twice a year, the music department puts on a full-school concert featuring our performing groups. In December, the concert features the grade-level ensembles. In the spring, the concert features the extra-curricular ensembles, and is usually scheduled to be a final 'warm-up' to our Adjudication performances in Allentown.

Allentown Adjudication Trip / Dorney Park (May 26th, 2017) (Required Event)

Each year in May, five of Tamanend's select music ensembles (Chieftain Chorus, Gold'n'Blues, Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble, and String Ensemble) travel to the Allentown area to perform for music judges and compete against other similar school music groups. We always do well at these events, as can be witnessed by the trophy cases outside rooms 201, 202, and 203. We start the day with our performances (usually at a school and/or church in the area) and then take the bus to Dorney Park for the rest of the day. This year's trip is Friday, May 26th. This much-anticipated trip is a great way to cap a hard-working year and bond with friends!

Final Awards Ceremony Performance (June 13th, 2017 - tentative date) (Required Event)

The last day of school at Tamanend consists of an all-school assembly, with awards presented to Tamanend students in a variety of areas. Music has always been a big part of the ceremony. The 8th Grade Chorus, 9th Grade Chorus, and Chieftain Chorus sing as part of the program. As of now, June 13th is scheduled to be the last day of school, however, if inclement weather in the winter necessitates snow days, this date will be pushed back as far as Friday the 16th. Please try to avoid scheduling family travel during this week!


Thank you for reading this information! If you have any questions, contact me at