A Dog For Archie

Fundraisng for a little boy and his best Friend

Archie ASD-(Sensory Processing)

Archie was diagnosed with ASD before the age of 2. His little life prior to therapy was deregulated and filled with anxiety.
His processing disorder means that he is unable to regulate his behavior when he is not comfortable in his new surrounds. A therapy dog makes it much easier by being a constant in his deregulated environment. We have found that nights are easier and his melt downs are fewer and less destructive. We are also finding that he is eating better which has been a constant worry for us.
Thomas is trialing with us at the moment and the bond between Archie and Thomas is one that could not be replicated. We are so thankful that Dogs for Kids are helping Archie live the quality of life our little 3 year old deserves.

Dogs for Kids with Disabilites

Dogs for kids with Disabilities trains dogs to be best friends. Raising any of the DKD pups takes $5,000-$25,000. We need to raise $5,500 for little Thomas. I would love to encourage long term support for this fantastic charity. They are instrumental in changing young lives.
We are benefiting not only from Thomas but the hours of training that Katie is putting into our family. We would love to see DKD receive long term funding in the future.

A Dog For Archie and how to Donate

For more information of Dogs for Kids with Disabilities or to donate to Archie and Thomas please head to our website. We are always updating our fund raising events through our Facebook page. If you are in a position to donate an item or service to our auction we would love to hear from you.Thank you so much for your support. Linda