2015 Avid conference

Angelica Diaz

My strengths as a student

I am good at math and i am in pre-algebra i also sometimes struggle but i dont give up and one of my strengths is to help people if i see someone having a hard time i go and help them.

My struggles as a 7th grade student

One of the things that i struggle as a student is in sometimes focusing in my work and the things that i do.

All grades ( see below )

My Extra-Curricular involvement and why this is important for the future

I am in the basketball team and i this is helping me in communication with others and also working as a team and to not have attitude with teachers. i think that colleges want students to have a extra-curricular activity because the classes or sports can help them when they are in college like if u can speak a different language that can help u and also sports u can play in a sport when you are in college.

My GPA graph and my goal

my goal for the end of the semester is to have a gpa of 4.0 and to get that i have to work hard and fix the F's and D's that i have and turn in all my work to have all A's