Wrong People At The Wrong Time

"Never in my life will I ever end up going through this again!" On a warm, breezy night. Surrounded by streets with cars rolling by. People walking up and down the sidewalk. It was my foster sister, and I, along with two random guys, cops and my family later on. I was just a girl who was all over the place who wanted to be free, to wanting to keep to myself and watch who I surround myself with. We were just going to the store but ended up somewhere we shouldn't, or wanted to be.

The thought of my night ending up like this was scary, and on top of that I was overthinking a lot. With worrying to much caused me to want to run away from the situation, because the feeling I was getting was like someone life coming to an end, based off of someone else's bad choices. Of course my foster sister didn't care to much. All she was thinking about was "Yes, these boys like me." Her feelings about the situation was wonderful because she was getting the attention, so that caused her not wanting to leave. The two guys were just talking to my foster sister, even though she was deaf, she still read there lips carefully and understood what they were saying to her. In the guys mind there thinking "Oh yes, she coming with us tonight." So we ended up following them to their house, but I wanted to go home.

It all started with me and my foster sister suppose to be walking to the store, but instead McDonalds. Then she ended up face to face with two random guys when we got there. One was short and the other one was tall. They both started to talk to my foster sister, which left me just standing there trying to let her know that it was getting late and we needed to get ready to go back home, but she didn't listen. As time went by the two guys then talked her into going to their house, which we ended up doing and got there moments later. When we arrived I sat on the couch and started watching T.V feeling uncomfortable, while she followed them to their room.
After a few minutes later she then comes out of the room with one of the guys, and they both went to the bathroom. As time goes by they eventually came out, and I told her once again that it was time to go home because it was now like one or two A.M in the morning.
Finally convincing her that we needed to go, we then finally leave and start to walk home, along with the two guys. As soon as we walk up the main street, we then see the cops coming up from a distance to us, but the guys started running the opposite direction. When the cops, along with my family pulled up to me and my foster sister they Immediately started asking us questions and checking to see if we were alright. Yes, I did spoke and told everything that happened, but my foster sister didn't want to tell them.
That's when my sister took my foster sister along with some officers to the hospital to do some test on her, and I went with a cop and a investigator to go find the house we were at that night. Luckily I gave good directions and we ended up there. When we arrived the investigator was taking notes, but neither of us went inside. Then they took me home where I settled down and then went to sleep with all that just happened.
A relief was lifted off of me but I was still in shock. After going through that makes me not want to go out anywhere while it's late. That situation could've gotten worse, or I could've been in the same doing as my foster sister was with them two guys. But luckily I was untouched by them. Now my outings out late will be with family or good friends I can trust who won't do something like that.
Life is to short to have something happen to you. That's why people always say "Watch who you hang around with, because anything can happen." The experience I had with my foster sister stuck with me for life. Even though we both was young. Our lives could've easily been taken. But I'm thankful it didn't. Now I know to set some boundaries and watch who I surround myself with.