U.K.'s Culture, Technology, Economy

The current empire


The U.K.'s economy is one of the biggest on the planet. It is a major industrial and trading country who's manufactured goods and machinery are its leading exports. Oil and natural gases are the United Kingdoms leading energy sources. Ever since 2006, the U.K.'s major industries have grown by at least £17 million.


The United Kingdom's technology is very close to the America's. Both nations have major companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Dell, and HP. It has evolved though, to much newer computer and electronic industries.


The U.K.'s culture is very unique. Have you ever heard of a country that drinks tea 3 times a day? The British are also very much into sports as they are into tea. Football(soccer) and cricket are just 2 major sports that Brits cherish very much. Another cool fact about the United Kingdom is that their currency is different from other European countries, they use pounds£ instead of Euros.