Care. Dream.

Katie Wilson

A little bit about myself

The two most important aspect in life are caring for things as well as dreaming. Family is the number one thing I care about. They mean the absolute world to me and I would do anything for them. I also care about my Great Danes and my friends. Dreaming and having goals in life is also very important. Opening my own bakery called "Katie Kakes" is one dream of mine and something I am working towards. The first step I took in reaching this goal was going to culinary school at the Art Institute of Indianapolis. Another big part of dreaming, for me, is traveling and seeing all that the world has to bring.
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Poem for my Daddio

Forever Daddy’s Little Girl

Forever daddy’s little girl I will be

Nothing could ever explain how much you mean to me

The memories we share are ones I will never forget

Like watching Cinderella every night or you trying to talk me out of a fit

You are everything and more I could want in a father

We have had a special bond since the days I can remember as a toddler

Whenever something is wrong, you are always there for me

That’s why forever your little girl I will always be

You have the biggest heart of all

And would do anything for anyone the minute they call

You are so loyal to your family and always have our back

Being caring and loving is something you never ever lack

Seeing you smile and laugh is the greatest to see

That’s why watching Modern Family with you is the best to me

Sarcasm comes easily for you, which is one of my favorite things

Even if it’s at my expense, it is worth the laughter it brings

I wish you could see how special you are

I mean come on; you were Mr. Everything and Westfield’s biggest star

How well the Cleaners does, does not define you

It’s your love, selflessness, and all that you do

Everyone makes mistakes; it’s a part of life

It is time to forgive yourself like your kids have as well as your loving wife

Start putting your worries to the side and enjoy all that life has to bring

Because worrying and feeling bad wont solve anything

Anytime I mention your name

The response I receive is always the same

“I love your dad. He is seriously the best” is what they say

I can only hope people say the same about me one day

I truly have the greatest dad I could ask for

A day with someone as awesome as you is never a bore

Having someone as wonderful as you is as lucky as finding a real pearl

And these are some of the many reasons why I will forever be daddy’s little girl


Great Danes


Baking (Katie Kakes)