Google Apps


Google Drive

  • My Drive- Includes everything you’ve created or uploaded/synced.

  • Incoming - Files that others have shared with you.

  • Starred- Files and folders you have deemed as star-worthy.

  • Recent- Everything you’ve recently viewed or worked on in the order it was last updated

  • Activity- Everything in your Google Drive in the order it was updated.

  • Offline- Enable offline editing so that changes made will be saved to the computer when you are not online. - Go to settings>offline.

  • All Items- Everything you have created or has been shared by you.

  • Trash- All files/folders that have been removed from your Drive.

  • Owner, Type, More- Sort files by type, visibility, or ownership.

  • Downloading Google Drive App - on your teacher computer, download the google drive app. You can put files into that folder on your computer and it will save the online as well. Go to Settings>Download Drive

Google Docs

  • Click on “New”, then “Google Doc”

  • Functions like a Microsoft Word document for basic formatting

  • Added features include ability to share, collaborate, view revision history, publish to the web, and translate the document
  • Add-Ons:
  • Easy Bib
  • Doc to Form (still in beta testing)
  • gMath (in forms and sheets)
  • Easy accents

Sharing and Collaborating

  • In the document, sheet, or presentation click on the blue share button in the top right hand corner.
  • Enter email addresses of people you want to share with.
  • Change the permission you want that person to have.
  • You can also share the link buy choosing anyone with the link can edit, comment, or view.
  • Then you would send out the link.
  • If you change something in the document that is shared, everyone will see it.

Revision History

  • Stay informed about who’s editing
  • See when the site was edited
  • Revert back to a previous version

Google Forms

  • Forms can be used to collect data for a variety of reason
  • Click “New”, then “Form”
  • Create title and select theme (you can change this later!)
  • Add a description if desired
  • Enter in Questions- Select type of response and whether item is required
  • To preview the form, click on “View live form”
  • To designate where responses are collected, click on “Choose response destination”
  • Puts information into a sheet.

Google Sheets

  • Click “New”, then “Google Sheets"

  • Functions like Microsoft Excel for basic functions

  • Added features include ability to create a form from the spreadsheet, share, collaborate, and publish to the web

Google Slides

  • Click on “New”, then “Google Slides"

  • Functions like Microsoft PowerPoint for basic formatting

  • Added features include ability to import selected slides from another presentation, share, collaborate, view revision history, and publish to the web