Varanasi, India

by Megan Abraham

History and religion

Out of the whole world, Varanasi is one of the oldest continuous inhabited cities. It is a very religious city and houses many religions. It is nicknamed the religious capital. Around the city, there are many temples and other religois buildings. Long time ago, religions fought over the area, but ended up coming together to worship in peace. Varanasi is one of seven sacred cities to Hinduism. It is located of the left shore of the Ganges river. It was famous for its commercial in muslin silk fabrics, perfumes, ivory works and sculptures.
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What to do in Varanasi

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Indian Street Food Chaat at Kashi Chaat Bhandar in Varanasi, India

In the city

Varanasi has one of the best river frontages. There are miles of ghats, which are stairs for religious bathing. During the year, Varanasi hosts many festivals. The inner city is very crowded and narrow but the outer and newer suburbs are spacious. Varanasi is the center of arts, crafts, music and dance.


Varanasi is the transportation hub. They travel by train, air, cars and a three wheel bike. Their sister city is Kyoto, Japan. Varanasi is also called Banaras, Benares, and Kashi. The population is 3,676,841. Popular sports in Varasani are basketball, cricket and field hockey. Gymnastics and chess are also popular. The tempuratures are hot and humid most of the year since Varanasi is close to the Tropic of Cancer