How to file a 1040EZ

Tania Corona Edition

What an 1040EZ looks like:

A 1040EZ is a tax form that is faster and easier than other tax forms. It's a form that is available to everyone; if you have an income of under $100,000 and are single or married with no dependents, and a taxable interest of less than $1,500

Things needed to complete form

1099-INT: This is obtained by your bank

W-2: This is obtained by your employer

Tax table: This table can be found online at

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Using your W-2 form, fill out line 1 on the 1040EZ that can be found in box 1 on your W-2.
  2. Next, go on to fill out line 2 on the 1040EZ using box 1 of your 1099-INT form.
  3. After filling out boxes 1 and 2 on your 1040EZ, add them together to and put the total into box 3 of the 1040EZ.
  4. Turn onto the back of the 1040EZ and complete "Worksheet for Line 5- Dependents who checked one or both boxes" if you checked either box in line 5 of your 1040EZ.
  5. Take "G." from the back of the 1040EZ and fill out box 5 of the front of the 1040Ez, if you or your spouse are not dependents: leave box blank.
  6. Next, take line 5 from the 1040EZ and subtract it from line 4 from the 1040EZ. This number will be filled out on line 6. If line 5 is larger than line 4: leave box blank.
  7. Then, Take line 2 from your W-2 and fill out box 7 on your 1040EZ
  8. After that, put a -0- on line 8 if you do not have an EIC, read instructions on the back of the 1040EZ if you're not sure
  9. Next, Add lines 7 and 8 and fill out box 9 on the 1040EZ
  10. Then, using a tax table provided by the IRS, find the number filled out in box 6. This number will be the Tax on line 10.
  11. After that, fill out line 11:healthcare, on your 1040Ez you pay for. If you pay none, write -0-
  12. Finally, add lines 10 and 11 of 1040EZ form. This will be your total tax, write it on line 12 of your 1040EZ
  13. If your line 9 has a larger number than 12, subtract 12 from 9 on your 1040EZ. Write it on line 13A: this will be your refund.
  14. If you'd like to have your refund deposited into your bank, fill out 13B,C, and D with your personal information on your 1040EZ
  15. If your line 12 is larger than 9, subtract 9 from 12 on your 1040EZ from, this will be what you owe in taxes. Put that number on line 14 of your 1040EZ.
  16. Fill out the rest of the 1040EZ with your personal information.

Final Day to fill out 1040EZ: April 15th