2021 Summer Experience

Incoming 2nd & 3rd graders

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Incoming 2nd-3rd Grade Summer Experience Opportunities

A Summer at the Beach

Do you dream of the beach? Do you wonder about the creatures at the beach? In this class, we will be learning all about the beach life. This summer we will do many hands-on experiments to learn more about weather, erosion, and tides. Together will dive into learning all about the beach creatures from ghost crabs to sharks. We will have fun in the sun during our water days. Then do a little relaxing while zooming with the staff from Sea World!! Come join us this summer at the beach!

A Summer at the Movies

Join Mr. Bateman for a fun-filled summer experience! In the first week, we will explore the great American pastime, baseball! In the second week, we will dive deep to explore the ocean. We will

have team building activities and STEM activities!

Ahoy! A Pirates Adventure!

Ahoy! Take a pirate's virtual journey to a new Caribbean island everyday. Learn about some legendary and crazy pirates, as well as study oceans and ocean life in the Caribbean. We'll take a "journey" and learn about some of the islands in the Caribbean that pirates liked to visit. We'll take a look at some shipwrecks, and also sea life. Have fun making pirate and ocean themed projects using salt dough, paper mache, and even build our own miniature pirate ships! Be ready for messy, fun art projects and lots of interesting facts!

Art Exploration

Let's explore the world through ART! We'll tour the globe, learning about all kinds of art and cultures. We'll learn about Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, South America and maybe even explore Outer Space....Ooooooh! I am planning all sorts of projects, games and adventures! An exciting field trip is in the works. All I am missing is YOU!

Build It! Bake It! Bust a Move!

This summer experience class is buzzing with fun adventures! We will spend time each day building, baking and moving to keep you on your toes and experience learning through a hands on classroom.

Build It!
We will become mad scientists to build and explore through experiments and projects! We will build solar ovens for s’mores, elephant toothpaste, slime, exploding volcanoes and more. We will build projects using STEM activities. Projects will include lego creations, bridges and towers, marble mazes and more. The sky's the limit for what we can learn and create!

Bake It!
Do you like to create and eat snacks? We will make homemade ice cream, butter, cookies, pancakes, homemade donuts, trail mixes and more. This part of our day will include learning how to read kid friendly recipes and a lot of fun taste testing!

Bust a Move!
No one wants to sit still during the summer and we’ve got you covered. We’ll learn about your favorite sports, dance, and take walks. We’ll complete a Ninja Warrior course, play baseball and kickball! Splish, Splash we’ll have a blast busting a move with water relays, water balloons and more! Bring your beach towels to relax and read outside under the trees.

Join Build It! Bake It! Bust a Move! for a summer of new adventures and fun experiences!

Camp Maplecrest-incoming 2nd graders only

Camp Maplecrest is a special place for incoming second graders. At Camp Maplecrest, campers will learn not only about their new school, but also about all things camping!! This combination of learning is unique and exciting! Campers will enjoy meeting Maplecrest Staff up close and learning all sorts of special second grade tidbits that will help them excel in August. Campers will also enjoy field trips, walking trips and much more about camping. Campers will make and use their own s'more cooking system, create edible insects, design boats that float and make and design their own miniature tent camping ground just to name a few activities! Hope to see YOU at Camp Maplecrest!!

Camp Olympics

Camp Olympics is a class is all about the Olympic games. We will dive in and learn about the ancient games that were played in Greece, the summer sports, as well as some famous Olympians. Another component of this course is that students will separate into different teams or “countries” and compete in several competitions for medals. In this class you can expect to learn lots of new things and have some fun outside. We will be trying many Olympic activities. Come light the torch with me and begin a summer adventure!

Camp Whata Week-June 3-16

Each day of the week will have a different theme.
Mondays will be Make It Mondays. We will make yummy treats, design games, and create cool crafts.
Tuesdays will be Try It Out Tuesdays. We will learn about and play a variety of sports.
Wednesdays will be Wet & Wild Wednesdays. We will learn all about the ocean, make rainbows, have water relays, and other wet & wild activities.
Thursdays will be Traveling Thursdays. We will learn about different countries around the world.
Fridays will be Freaky Fridays. We will learn about a variety of science concepts and do some freaky fun experiments.

Extreme Science FUN!

Come join me for AMAZING science experiments and STEM everyday! We will create lots of hands on projects and games. You will make your own rocket, your own bouncy ball, balloon cars and we will even make elephant toothpaste! We will hatch butterflies and have a tentative trip planned to the Butterfly Palace! Creativity and fun is our mission in Extreme Science Fun!

Funky Fun Fitness and Nutrition

Are you ready to have fun, learn how to get fit and enjoy making healthy snacks? If so, then you should join Funky Fun Fitness and Nutrition. Each day we will learn how we can have fun and exercise at the same time. There will even be possibility of field trips to Boswell Aquatic Center, Boswell Park, and/or hiking at Haha Tonka. We will also be making healthy, kid friendly snacks each day. At the end of the course each child will get to bring home their very own cook book of all the healthy snacks we have made.

Legos & Fairy Tales

Do you like to play with legos, read about dragons, heroes, and villains? Do you like to get your hands dirty creating fun projects? Then come join me for summer experience at Maplecrest Elementary. We are going to create Lego builds, plays, comic strips, STEM activities, science experiments, and more using many fun fairy tales. We will be taking 2 exciting field trips. We are going to have an amazing summer experience!

LET’S GET MESSY! Come join me for a crazy good time with hands-on activities everyday! We will create EDIBLE SLIME, splatter painting, ice tie-dye, Fizzy Art, create our own crayons, and so much more! Oh and by the way, we will make some messy snacks to enjoy as well! Like Mud Pie and Kool-Aid gummy bears- YUM! Come get messy with me at Summer Experience!

My Wild Alaskan Summer

After living in Alaska for twenty years, I have many WILD adventures to share with you. Come experience Alaska with me! Create WILD arts and crafts through painting, soap carving, weaving, beading, and more. Cook WILD Alaskan recipes. Learn about WILD Alaskan animals, WILD weather, WILD transportation, and the indigenous people of the Arctic. We will experience WILD activities such as gold panning, Alaskan Native dancing, science experiments, and STEAM projects. The class will travel to Fantastic Caverns and create pottery with Firehouse Pottery. There possibly will be opportunities to walk to Sonic, a donut store and local Lebanon parks and businesses.

Ninja Training

Ninja Training is a course for all aspiring ninjas. This course is packed with fun activities that will grow your brain and get your body moving. Ninja trainees will be working hard to combine movement with learning through games, obstacle courses, and fun teamwork activities. Ninjas will also learn how to "act like a ninja" so they can use their skills all year long.

Singing, Dancing, and Playing Around the World!

Join Mrs. Askew on an adventure around the world, learning about songs, instruments, dances, and games from other countries! Take a musical vacation with us as we explore places like Mexico, Ireland, China, Africa, and Hawaii. We will even learn how to make some of our own instruments to take home with us as souvenirs! An exciting field trip is in the works, so if you like music, this is the class for you!