Zombie invasion

Learn how to surbival in a apocalipse

As we all know zombies are bad. Keep reading if you want to survive.

So, i will tell you where to hide and where the most strategic places to be at.First is the Great Plains, then the Coastal plains, and last Basin and Range.
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Rocky Mountains

This is a sort of decent place.To be because the mountains can be sharp when climbing up the mountains.So one of the upsides is that it is high so if you have weapons you can use that extra energy to have your weapon hit better since it has more potential energy.

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the Rocky mountains are an overall pretty good place to be. But there is some pretty hostile life there. Also, it is a very nice and beautiful. So there are also a lot of fortunate materials that could aid in your survival. For example, combat knife, axe, and a pickaxe. The mountains are huge so that has its upsides and downsides. For an example it is high so you can make a better hideout, but at the cost of potential freezing and avalanche. Which are so dangerous that you might not want to leave your hideout. That can be for better or for worse. Also something you might want to look out for is the wildlife, it is hostile and includes beavers, mooses (?), mosquitoes, Etc. One place you would like to visit is Mt. Owen. It is big and provides the best protection and stability. One game plan that could be useful is to go immediately to Mt. Owen and set up shop there as soon as you have done that you should make a sniping post. Then make some sort of safe haven. I know that seems like a bad idea but only humans would be smart enough to actually get in to your safe haven. Also the elevation will be at your advantage to easily kill things. Then make a mine inside the mountain so you can get some valuable minerals. The pick axe can double as a mining tool and a double sword just, make a emergency escape route through the mine so you don't get cornered and die. Then if your settlement starts to run out of wood you can use the stone that you acquired or you could use the axe to cut down a tree get it's sapling and get some dirt in your settlement plant it there (unfortunately you have to share your water with him) and chop it down then repeat. You could also make a moose your friend and use him like a war camel. It would be awesome if you could do that then, you could raise a family so the entire village can have their own war camel.

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So to summarize, the best places to be are the Coastal plains, Basin and Range, and last but not least Great plains.

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