Feed Mill Worker

By: Zack Kessler


Most mills require a education in grain sciences. Most require a forklift operator certification because your on a forklift daily. Other than that there isnt much education needed.

Typical Day

A typical day consists of storing and moving feed via forklift. You could also be mixing ingredients together or even the daily maintenance of machines, forklifts, transport trucks or anything.


The average salary of an average feedmill worker is about 25k-35k per year.

Where would I work?

you could work at any of the local feed mills in the state. on average most workers live within 10-15 miles away. Most of the workers that live farther away are higher management and will be able to afford the drive to work

Negative Aspects

If you like working various hours on various days you may not like this job. its a set hr and day job. you will most likely work the usual 8 Hr 5 days a week.

Job Description

This job entails that you will be driving a forklift daily. You can be mixing feed, moving and storing feed. possibly packaging the feed if required or even maintenance on the vehicles in the shop