Periodic Table Element


The Facts

Chlorine's atomic number is 17.

The Atomic Symbol is CI.

The Atomic Mass is 35.4527 amu.

Number of protons/ electrons is 17.

Number of neutrons is 18.

It is located in Group 17, Period 3.

Discovered in 1774.

Chlorines discoverer was Carl Wilhelm Scheele.

It is obtained from salt.

Some of it's properties

- Phase: Gas

- Densitys: 3.2 g/L

- Color: Pale yellow green

- Boiling Point: -34.6 °C

- Melting Point: -100.98 °C


- Chlorine can be used to clean pools, you can put tablets into bouys and as they flat in the pool they slowly desolve.

- In the Iraq war they dropped chlorine bombs.

- In 1918 the US Department of Treasury said all drinking water should be "cleaned" with chlorine.

- In 1847 a man made a mixture containing chlorine to clean doctors hands.

- A man used a chlorine substance to help keep "gut" factory workers from getting a disease from the dead animals.


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Making Chlorine Gas