Resources for the Classroom

10 Sites to Enhance Learning

Surfing the Net With Kids

This site provides endless information on a wide variety of topics. There are blogs, games, activities, and other interactive aspects. More specifically there are sections labeled; Topics, Games, and Tech. These categories will provide you with a large range of excellent resources.

21st Century Web Tools

This wiki provides an endless supply of tools and resources for the 21st century teacher and classroom. Everything from audio, digital books, social networking, and far more. For example, if you are trying to create a chart or graph there are 16 links that provide ways to create a variety of different charts and graphs. It just works!


Edutopia was created by George Lucas to provide the world wide web with teaching strategies for K-12. Their goal is to incorporate teachers, parents, students, policy makers, and the community in learning about what it takes to create a successful classroom. They provide links, resources, and tools from social media and other sites to help educate people on how to improve education.

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