Volunteer Update

Just A Couple Things


I just wanted to touch base with you all to thank you for being part of our volunteer retreat weekend. I so enjoyed getting to know you all better and am so grateful for how you shared and brought snacks and served one another. It was exactly the weekend of fellowship and learning together that I hoped for.

I did want to apologize again for my terrible directions and let you know that next time, I'll be sure to have someone more directionally gifted in charge of maps/directions!

I'm looking forward to going through the volunteer training process with you all and will keep you posted on the next training opportunity soon!

List of Retreat Ladies

At the retreat, one of you asked that I email a list of everyone who attended so that you could keep in contact. Here you go!

Dalleen Bradford - deb17brad@gmail.com

Holly Hayes - hayesholly@bellsouth.net

Molly Tyree - mollyjean84@gmail.com

Kelli Cranford - kelli.cranford@yahoo.com

Kelli Brooks - kellikbrooks@gmail.com

Rebecca Mathis - rebeccalm63@hotmail.com

Kirstin Funk - kirstindfunk@gmail.com

Heather McKern - h990@bellsouth.ne

Amber Foster - amberandjosh@outlook.com

Nancy Patterson - patt2308@bellsouth.net

Tara Wood - taramisu89@gmail.com

Teresa Robertson - teresa@i-robertson.com

Heather Malcolm - hmalcomrdms@gmail.com

Jessie Bender - jessie.lynne.dick@gmail.com

Jackie Hardy - hardy_jackie@bellsouth.net

Crystal Rogers - cfrogers50@yahoo.com

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Thursday, Feb. 25th, 6-8pm

6142 Gordy Street Northeast

Covington, GA

Just wanted to let you all know, in case you didn't see the newsletter, that the NPRC Open House is next Thursday. If you're interested in helping us with that, let me know! I could use a few volunteer "hostesses" who could stand in each of the rooms and tell about how it will be used. Also, if any of you were interested in helping serve the goodies and coffee, that would be helpful, too! Just send me an email or give me a call/text if you'd like to help!