School Starts Tomorrow!

Back to School Info!

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Welcome Back, Bears!

Welcome, Bears, to the 2022-23 School year. We are excited for all of our Bears to return, and look forward to a fantastic school year! Each week, I will be sending out a Principal's Newsletter to keep all of our stakeholders informed!

Please take a look over the information to make sure you are prepared for tomorrow!

Students will see all 8 periods tomorrow! 1st period starts at 8:25

This is especially important for students who have late arrival.

Students will see all 8 periods tomorrow, which means if a student has late arrival, they should be on campus at 9:10.

If a student has double late arrival, they should be on campus by 10:00

Updated Bell Schedule

Over the summer, we made a few modifications to our bell schedule. For the most part, it will be the same, however, we have shortened the school day a bit and created a Friday where students get to see every one of their teachers!

School Hours: 8:25 - 4:15

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Arrival/Drop Off - Please plan to arrive early!

Please make sure you plan to drop your student off early.

Take a look at the map to find out where students will be dropped off and picked up!

Parent Drop off/pickup will take place at the front entrance (West Side) of the campus.

Bus drop off/pickup will take place near the cafeteria (North Side) of the campus.

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Make Sure You Are Connected!

Please make sure have access to Skyward, which is the portal where you can view grades, attendance, as well as the returning student verification!

White Settlement ISD Dress Guidelines

Please click the link below to view the Dress Guidelines. Please remember that this starts on the first day of school!

Our aim is to keep students in class as much as possible. Students who are out of dress code will be required to have a parent bring clothes that follow guidelines. Failure to obtain proper dress will result in further action.

Alexa......Who is my child's counselor and administrator?

This year, we are connecting our assistant principals with our counseling staff to better serve our students. These partners are connected by students last names. Please review the information below to find out who your student's AP and Counselor are!


Admin: Alex Croft

Counselor: Tiffany Molinar


Admin: Stephanie Ward

Counselor: Beth Sweeney


Admin: Josh Ferguson

Counselor: Kara Touliatos


Admin: Maria Ing

Counselor: Michelle Soileau


Admin: Rowdy Myers

Counselor: Lisa Bradley

Brewer High School Administrative Team

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Brewer High School Principal - Dr. Daryl Porter

Contact Information



B.A. History

Southwest Baptist University

M.A.T.S Theological Studies

Midwestern Baptist Theological Studies

Ed.D. Educational Leadership

Tarleton State University

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Associate Principal - Alex Croft

(student alpha last names A-Cop)

Contact Information



B.A. History & Government

The University of Texas Austin

M. Ed. Leadership

Concordia University Texas

Principal & Superintendent Certifications

Lamar University

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Assistant Principal - Michael Dickinson

Contact Information




The University of Texas Arlington

M. Ed. Education Leadership

Texas Christian University

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Assistant Principal - Joshua Ferguson

(student alpha last names Hax-Med)

Contact Information



B.S. Kinesiology

University of North Texas

M. Ed. Administration & Leadership

Lamar University

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Assistant Principal - Michele Hamilton

Testing Coordinator

Contact Information



B.B.A. Production and Operations Management

University of North Texas

M.Ed. Educational Administration

The University of Texas Tyler

Assistant Principal - Maria Ing

(student alpha last names Mee-Ro)

Contact Information



B.S. Biology

The University of Texas Arlington

M. Ed. Educational Technology
The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Ed. D., ABD Curriculum and Instruction
The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

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Assistant Principal - Rowdy Myers

(student alpha last names Rp-Z)

Contact Information



B.A. Interdisciplinary Agriculture Education

Texas Tech University

M. Agriculture Education

Texas Tech University

Principals Certification Program

Tarleton State University

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Assistant Principal - Stephanie Ward

(student alpha last names Cor-Haw)

Contact Information



B.A. Business Marketing

Prairie View A & M University

M. Ed. Education Administration
Texas Woman's University

Pillars of Brewer High School

Here at Brewer, we will operate within 6 Pillars. These pillars will allow us to hold up the mission, which ultimately allows us to move towards our vision, which is to be the Premier High School in Tarrant County!
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Updated focus on Safety

You may have noticed that some of our safety protocols have been updated. We appreciate your support as we make every effort to keep our students safe!

Food Deliveries at BHS


Please help us remind your students that we DO NOT ALLOW food delivered by any delivery service. We want to make sure all of our students are safe, and we do not know the drivers who deliver food. It also becomes a disruption throughout the school day.

Any food delivered will be turned away. Thank you for your help with this!