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Shaw Montessori Newsletter - Week Of August 22nd, 2021

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  • Message From Principal Engdall
  • Shaw Covid Dashboard
  • Shaw COVID-19 pooled testing
  • Shaw After-School Classes
  • New Primary Assistant - Amy McGrath
  • Garden Update
  • Shaw PTA
  • Lunch Program
  • Shaw Calendar
  • District Information

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Message From Principal Engdall

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Greeting Shaw Montessori Community,

A delayed note of gratitude for being so patient with us the last few weeks at parent pick up along Monroe Street. It has been HOT, the queue line has been LONG and the street bottlenecked. The release valve has finally arrived! Our afternoon PEER Club begins Monday which will take about 80 of our children out of the line! Expect much shorter and smoother pick up times along Monroe beginning Monday.

Now, morning drop off may be a little slower. Beginning Monday and for the next three Mondays, we begin welcoming small groups of our 3 and 4 year olds. Expect reduced street parking in the morning and lots of crying little people (perhaps parent too)! If you are a seasoned Shaw parent, give those new parents a pat of assurance, a look of knowing and a tissue.

We are still searching for a few good young folks to work our afternoon PEER Club. We cannot serve all of our families that need this aftercare program because of understaffing. If you know a high school or college student that would like an incredible part time job with children please have them contact me at: or fill out an application on the district website at:

Attached below in newsletter you will find our new offerings for fall afterschool enrichment classes. Classes will begin the week of September 13th and end the week of November 29th.

Wishing you the best,

Principal Engdall

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Shaw Covid Dashboard

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Dear Phoenix #1 Families:

The Phoenix Elementary School District is partnering with Concentric to offer COVID-19 pooled testing at all of our schools beginning the week of August 23, 2021. With the number of COVID cases continuing to increase in our community, this is one way we can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 within our schools and community, and help keep our students and families healthy.

Each week, all students, with parent permission, will participate in the COVID testing. Under the guidance of the school nurse and other health providers, students will swab their own noses to test for the presence of COVID-19 bacteria. This will help us better determine if students on campus unknowingly have COVID-19, which will enable us to make better decisions on quarantining students and stopping the potential spread of COVID-19 at school.

If you would like your child to participate in this weekly COVID-19 pooled testing this year, please complete the attached consent form and return it by Monday, August 23. With your permission, your child will undergo weekly COVID testing on campus throughout the school year.

Completed forms can be given to your classroom teacher or put in the dropbox in front of the school.

If you have any questions, please contact our Shaw school nurse:

Rosemary Prasad


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Augustus H. Shaw Montessori After-School Classes

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Classes begin the week of September 13th and run through the week of November 29th unless otherwise noted.

Class times are from 3:40-4:40 unless otherwise noted.

Register for Chess, ABSi Spanish, Yoga, JumpBunch, Gadgets and Gizmos and Mad Science

directly with the vendor.

Sign up for Homework Help Club, Adolescent Study Habits, & Practice Club in the school office.

Monday: Chess Club with the Chess Emporium

Great chess players are great thinkers. The strategy and understanding that children learn from chess allows them to have higher intellect, improved self-esteem, and concentration. Chess helps them to make better decisions in all aspects of their life & most importantly children have fun while learning. Grades K-8 welcome. Class will be held in room 414. Register with Chess Emporium at See attached flyer.

Monday: Practice Club

4th-8th grade Band, Strings, and Choir students can sign up for practice club. Students can work on any music they are studying in class, work with other students, prepare for auditions, and receive assistance from Mr. Bonds. Please sign up in the front office. Class will be held in room 202. Club is from 3:50-4:50 and is FREE.

Tuesday: Sprouts (Intermediate)

Spanish Class with ABSi Spanish, LLC

The Sprouts class is designed for third through fifth grade students. Participants in this group have a good Spanish vocabulary due to previous class enrollment- have experience with Spanish at home- or are proficient readers in the English language, and can learn to translate words easily. Children will listen to bilingual books, learn songs and chants, and do art activities to stay engaged! They will be encouraged to read and write in Spanish. Class size is limited. A book “Teach Them Spanish Grade 3” will have to be purchased. Visit to enroll. Class will be held in room 414. Class begins September 14th and runs through December 7th; no class on October 5th and November 23rd due to school breaks. See attached flyer.

Tuesday: Mindful Minis: Yoga and Mindfulness with Miss Hayley

The Mindful Minis program is created to connect children with their body, breath and mind to benefit their learning through gaining focus, clarity, stress relief and more! This 10-week program will cover an assortment of yoga poses, mindful activities, breathing techniques and various games incorporating all of the above. Miss Hayley is a Certified Yoga instructor and has been practicing for 5 years. She has a B.A. in Integrative Health & Nutrition and is passionate about guiding students to becoming the best version of themselves. Mindful Minis is open to K-3rd grade. Class will run at 4 students and will be capped at 12. Please contact Miss Hayley at with any questions. Students will need to provide a yoga mat. Class will be held in room 415. See attached flyer for information and email: for registration and payment.

Tuesday: Super Soccer Stars

Super Soccer Stars is the premier nationwide youth soccer organization now offered to select Phoenix area schools! The program, developed over the past 20 years, provides students with positive reinforcement while building soccer skills, self-confidence, and teamwork in a fun, non-competitive, and educational environment. Classes consist of a warm-up, stretching, individual skill building, and team skill building.

Classes held every Tuesday from 12:45-1:30 for preschool students

Fall 2021 session dates: 9/7-12/14 (no class held 10/5, 11/23)

Price: $195 or 4 equal payments of $50 Register online at Contact Super Soccer Stars at 480-664-1187 or with questions see attached flyer.

Wednesday: JumpBunch Sports & Fitness for Kids

Are your ready for sports, fitness, and fun! With over 70 different activities, JumpBunch is the only sports & fitness program that introduces children to a wide variety of activities, all while encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. All classes begin with warm-ups, then move on to the featured activity of the day, followed by a cool down and closing huddle. The age-appropriate curriculum guides each child through all phases of physical development such as eye/hand coordination, large and fine motor skills, muscle development, body balance, and agility. Children participate in a different activity each week which includes popular sports such as soccer, tee ball, volleyball, and tennis along with fun fitness activities such as parachute, agility training, yoga, and hopscotch.

Class held every Wednesday from 11:45-12:30 for preschool students

Fall 2021 session dates: 9/8-12/15 (no class on 10/6, 11/24)

Price: $195 or 4 equal payments of $50 Register online at Please visit for additional information. Contact JumpBunch at 480-664-1187 or with questions see attached flyer.

Wednesday: Seedlings (Beginning)

Spanish with ABSi Spanish, LLC/Time 1:45-2:45

The Seedling class is designed for preschool-second grade students. This group will learn academic vocabulary (numbers, colors, animal names, etc.) and basic phrases (hola, adiós, me llamo, ¿cómo estás?) through thematic units. Children will listen to bilingual books, learn songs and chants, create art, and move around to stay engaged! Class size is limited. Class will be held in room 414. Visit to enroll and view flyer. See attached flyer. Class begins September 15th and runs through December 8th; no class on October 6th and November 24th due to school breaks. See attached flyer.

Thursday: Mad Science Elementary Program:

Mad Science programs spark imaginative learning when school is out! Let your child experience first-hand how much fun science can be. Mad Science class is packed with fascinating demonstrations and hands-on activities to let kids explore scientific concepts for themselves. Our curriculum correlates with AZ State Standards in Science and each class comes with an official Mad Science take-home project to keep the learning going after class. Grades K-5th. Class will be held in room 414. Register at Mad Science at and select After School Programs. See attached flyer.

Thursday: Gadgets and Gizmos

Teach your LEGO bricks cool new tricks in the LEGO Gizmos and Gadgets after-school club! Use the LEGO we provide along with some extra supplies like marbles, balloons, rubber bands, and more to make exciting projects that are guaranteed to do something cool. Projects will “sail”, “take off”, “fly”, “catapult”, and “race”! In every class we will build a functioning model while we learn the STEM skills behind how they work and practice problem solving, teamwork, and communication.

Leave your LEGO at home; we’ll supply everything you need. No take-home projects. A parent’s guide for at-home activities will be available to interested parents. Designed for grades K-5, though all ages welcome. $81.00 for 7 weeks. Class will be held in room 415.

Register at see attached flyer.

Study Habits Group for the Adolescent: Mondays with Ms. Faith (7th – 8th grade)

The cost is $75.00 payable to Shaw Montessori. Class will be capped at 12 students in room 215 from 3:45-4:45. May use tax credit. Please sign up in the front office.

Homework Help Club: Tuesdays with Ms. Church (1st -3rd grade)

The cost is $75.00 payable to Shaw Montessori. Class will be held on room 427/428. 3:45-4:30. May use tax credit. Please sign up in the front office. See attached flyer.

*Children may not be excused from afterschool classes without prior written permission from parents

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New Primary Assistant, Amy McGrath

Hello Shaw families!

I’m thrilled to be back on campus and assisting in Ms. Stephanie’s primary classroom this year. I had the opportunity to meet many of our current kindergarteners during the 2019-20 school year when I worked in our wonderful outdoor environment program. I first joined the Shaw community 7 years ago when my son started preschool. He is now a 4th grader and my daughter just began 1st I’m the only one left in primary. As a family, we are forever Suns fans so this season was epic! Personally, I enjoy crafting, ceramics, and sleeping in whenever I can. As you know (or will soon learn), the community at Shaw is like no other and there’s no place I’d rather be!

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Garden Update

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The garden space is transforming with each day. 7th and 8th grade have been working on the blueprints for their cladding designs and are nearly finished. Classes will begin on August 30th for grades 1st – 6th. Regular classes are scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays. Special projects will occur on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Regular classes consist of formal lessons in the garden. These lessons are paired with NGSS guidelines and follow curriculum standards. Special projects are free form and collaborative projects.

The best way to help our garden program is to donate Home Depot gift cards. This can be done virtually and submitted to my email @ Here is the link for gift cards:

Wooden pallets are another great way to donate lumber. The students can disassemble these pallets and repurpose the wooden planks for the rainbow cladding. This is also a preferred way to help with our first special project. If you are donating vermicomposting bins, please makes sure they ARE NOT TRANSPARENT. Worms are adverse to light.

Our budget was approved by the PTA! This means that our outdoor kitchen plan is underway. Stay tuned for updates about the design and construction of the outdoor kitchen. Thanks Shaw Montessori PTA!

Stay cool!

Mr. Moench

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Shaw PTA

OMG, The PTA meeting was only an hour but we got SO. MUCH. DONE! I'm going to try to recap everything for you, but truthfully, you've got to come next month. We had a fun time, ate pizza and figured out a whole bunch of new technology.

So here's what happened at the PTA Meeting:

  • PERSON OF THE MONTH: Person of the Month celebrates volunteers who do awesome stuff for the school. The Person of the Month for August is HEATHER VITTORI because she is awesome and planned an entire Bingo Night and then we postponed it.

  • WEBSITE: Our new website,, is awesome. Tara Kerwin is the webmaster. There is a lot of info on there -- including permission slip forms, a calendar, volunteer opportunities, and we will be posting all of the PTA documents like minutes, agendas, etc. If you have any suggestions as to what else we should add to it, email Tara at
  • DIVERSITY COMMITTEE: The PTA's Diversity committee needs volunteers to be a part of making the campus a more equitable place. If you would like to help, please email Mary Bankhead at or Erica Acevedo-Ontiveros at
  • BUDGET: We approved the PTA budget for 2021 - 2022 (attached below).
  • OUTDOOR KITCHEN: Our fun run will be raising funds to complete our outdoor kitchen classroom.
  • FUN RUN LOGO: It's magical and it was designed by parent, Rachel Dahl
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  • FUN RUN: It's coming. We are excited, the kids are excited and we will be raising $35,000 as a goal. Yikes. That's a lot, but we can do it. We also went over all the reasons why we use Boosterthon but to make a long story short: 1. everyone gets a t-shirt, 2. everyone gets a prize just for registering online and 3. there's a lot of back end online pledging web stuff that we don't have to worry about INCLUDING a corporate matching program this year! The fun run is September 29th.
  • MEMBERSHIP: We had 120 members at our first meeting!!!! You all are amazing! (teacher results below) and we gave out a $100 gift card and a LUX Coffee House prize pack to one lucky member as a thank you for signing up!

See. I told you there was a lot...

  • VOLUNTEERING: We ask for 10 hours of volunteer time per family per year. Lauren Kutsko is our volunteer coordinator and will be putting up volunteer opportunities online. Also, don't forget to sign up if you are going to the PTA meeting because that's an hour of volunteering. You can see volunteer opportunities through the link on our website.
  • COVID: There was a lot of talk about the COVID emails and texts and about protocols and mitigation. Your best bet is to 1. talk to your teacher, 2. Feel free to call or email Principal Engdall and 3. Talk to nurse Rose.
  • ODE is building a fence. Mr. Muench is looking for some donations including lumber, paint, opaque tupperware, and a home depot card. You can contact him at
  • SHADE: People want shade. Check. We are working on it.

Truthfully there was a lot more. but we only have a certain amount of space. But one thing I wanted to mention is that it's super easy to contact the PTA with any questions.So here's our contact Info:

Leigh Ann Dolan:

Mary Bankhead:

Silvana Lawrence:

Steph Gillum:

PTA Membership:

Tara Kerwin:

See you next month!

-Leigh Ann

PTA Membership

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Congratulations to all of the teachers who worked so hard to get their families enrolled in the PTA. It was so fun to see the back and forth while the classes were racing to win their teachers an extra $100 for their class!

Here are the results:

With 58% of the Class signing up as PTA members, MS. WHITING is the big winner!

It was a TIE! Both MS. CHURCH and MS. CRUZ had 62% of their classes sign up to be PTA members and they will BOTH win an extra $100 for their class.

MS. CHAN came out on top with 61% of the class signed up as PTA members!

In fact, all of our teachers did such amazing numbers that we wanted to thank everyone who signed up. And while we could only have one winner, everyone did a great job! Look at these numbers:
Brink: 31%
Cecala: 19%
Currie: 46%
Punchios: 17%

Robert: 24%
Schramm: 52% (so close!)
Ms. Stephanie: 40%
Whiting: 58%

Church: 62%
Craig: 41%
Cruz/Collier: 62%
Hess: 31%
Ms. Emily: 44%

Chan: 61%

Leinbach: 28%
Wheelington: 37%
Middle School: 13%

Still not a PTA member yet? It's only $10 per household. You can join right now or in person at our next meeting on September 15th.

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Lunch Program

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ALL Families are required to complete.


Click on "Apply For Meals Today" to fill out the application.

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Shaw Calendar

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District Info

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District Updates

Health & Safety Mitigation Plan

Governing Board Agendas & Minutes

District Calendar

Meal Menus

Shaw Montessori Website

Previous Issues of See Shaw Shine

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