The Rule of Peter the Great

Christina Sullivan


  • Although Peter the Great wasn't well educated, he was very hardworking and became very successful.
  • Became a powerful, demanding, leader with a lot of intelligence.
  • Peter became a curious man with a firm hand.


  • Took the throne at the age of 10 in 1682
  • Took control of government at the age of 17 in 1689
  • Taught himself to sail a boat that he restored himself
  • Built a world-class navy from scratch, created the largest standing army in Europe, and extended Russian borders to the west and south


  • Peter's first policy was westernization. This is known as an adaption of western ideas, culture, and technology.
  • Forced landowning nobles to serve the state by participating in military or civilian positions,and workers or laborers on roads, government projects, or canals.
  • Passed a law saying how nobles kept control of their land.
  • Peter encouraged exporting items.

interesting facts

  • Traveled to Europe to learn everything about shipbuilding
  • Peter's childhood and curiosity showed off later in his lifetime. He spent most of his childhood in the "German quarter". This was known as "Moscow neighborhood".
  • Peter named the boat he had restored “the grandfather of the Russian navy"