The Road To Perserverence

Julia Meredith

What Is Perseverance?

Perseverance to me is the continuing to keep trying in times of hardship. Perseverance includes courage, determination, fear, resilience, and a positive mindset. People with strong perseverance always succeed in life.

Jackie Robinson- Description

As number 42 of the Brooklyn Dodgers major league baseball team says “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” This means that people who make impacts on other people are more important than others. You may think this quote relates to Jackie Robinson, baseball superstar, since he broke the color barrier for the MLB. Although, many people today do not realize what Jackie Robinson had to overcome to break the color line and give the life-changing opportunity for African Americans to play baseball. People have forgotten about this seemingly unbeatable ADVERSITY Jackie had to overcome because of PREJUDICE and the rise of other Major League sports. Racism still exists in the U.S. and other sports like basketball and hockey are becoming more popular than baseball. Because of these reasons, society today have become more and more unconcerned of the fact that segregation is not a problem anymore for sports teams.

Eleanor Roosevelt- Cause & Effect

Eleanor Roosevelt was a great leader and motivator. Eleanor wasn't always a positive person from the start. As a causing of this sadness, she was rejected by her mother and father and had a lot of deaths from loved ones. Her mother called her ugly and granny. Her mother was never a supporter of her daughter. Her father, left their family because of alcoholism. To make it even worse, her parents wanted a boy, not a girl. Even though her mother and father had two sons, they always favored them over Eleanor. To top it all of, her mother, father and brother died when she was young. Even though she had a very MOROSE childhood, she PERSEVERED, had great RESILIENCE and became very successful. She married Franklin Roosevelt and was finally happy. She then became involved in politics. Even though he died, her legend still lives on.

Kid President- Problem & Solution

Robby Novak “Kid President” isn’t your normal kid. He has a problem, a rare bone disease called OI. This bone disease makes your bones very weak and allows them to break easily. Robby has broken several bones, over 70. But Robby found a way out of this problem into a solution that will change his life. Robby Novak has double life, and in his second life he is known as Kid President. Kid President INSPIRES others to keep going through everyday ADVERSITIES. Even though he has a rough life, he TRIUMPHS and overcomes the disease trying to take him down.

The Lady Jags- Compare & Contrast

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The Sandy Road- Sequence

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What Can We Learn From Perseverance?

We can learn from perseverance to never give up, keep trying and something will always turn out positive in the end.