6 things to know about college golf

By: Jacob Williams

Students are athletes second, students first

Coaches want their athletes to be educated so they can stay in the school they're attending. Students also can not participate in their sport unless they're passing all of their classes. With all of this said, coaches want their athletes to get a degree, not be in debt with college loans and no degree.

Finding the correct college fit for your degree

Colleges are going to be recruiting you as you play through high school, but what you don't realize is that some schools do not specialize in your degree. You need to make the correct choice about which college you want to go for since you have plans after college golf. Some may rely on the PGA, but the stakes can be very high. Often, most college players don't carry on their careers beyond college.

Every day life for a college athlete in golf

Many athletes have to stay in shape, and this means physically and mentally. So, they need to workout three times a week and make sure they're completing assignments for school, studying, and attending study halls for class work that is missed. Lastly, they need to make sure they stay on top of their game; for golf this can mean practicing everyday, visiting their coach and attending practices (AJGA).

What are colleges looking for?

Strong fundamentals and great potential are two attributes colleges like. You need to show the coaches you really care about golf, and that it is more than a game. Simply playing golf won't be enough, and colleges rely on your talents. So stay on your game, practice, and keep a steady schedule so you can show your most potential.

Colleges are looking into your golf stats

There are three main things colleges need to see so they can even ponder your selection. One of the three is driving distance, this can vary from college divisions, but they want to see around 250 yard driving distances. They also need to see low scores so they can win; 68-80's is about what they tend to look for. Also, your putting stats are very important as this can be the most difficult part of the game.


It's true, low grades will help determine your scholarship. If you're determined to rely on a scholarship then you need to keep your grades above a 3.5 GPA. This is what colleges look for in all students because they want students to represent their school (AthNet).

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