Jiwon's Self Portrait Project

Creativity! Time! Effort! Curiosity!

Prints! Colorful! Insightful!

These are the two prints that I have done with black ink; I like these two prints the most because the background and the color collaborate well together. The background of my Carving Mat can be seen as the design where sun is rising; the warm gradation of the magazines create the season of "summer."

List of Materials

  • Picture of myself
  • Copies of your picture
  • Sharpies
  • Carving utensils
  • Tracing Papers
  • Pencils
  • Carving Mat
  • Roller
  • Black/Color Ink
  • Different types of paper

Self-Portrait Project Process

  1. Get a piece of your picture in an A4 size paper
  2. Print 2 or 3 copies of the picture and print one side with flipped view
  3. Get yourself a carbon paper underneath the original picture, and trace the picture in a clean piece of A4 paper
  4. Get yourself a piece of white carbon paper above the traced picture, and make sure you trace it again with a Sharpie
  5. Be aware to shade in correct spaces
  6. Get another white tracing paper above the Sharpie-traced picture, and then trace it again with pencil
  7. Flip the traced white tracing paper, and stick in onto the carving mat
  8. Make sure you outline the picture onto the carving mat- be careful not to make the pencil marks too strong
  9. Once you have seen the trace in the carving mat, trace it again with a Sharpie
  10. After you are done with everything, start carving!
  11. Once you have carved all of the white spaces, you should get black ink.
  12. Spread the black ink with the roller, and then spread the ink to the Carving Mat.
  13. After spreading the ink, get a piece of newspaper/magazine/paper in order to match the paper to the Carving Mat.
  14. Make sure you spread the paper out well; once you’re done, gently take the paper out. There will be a print of your lovely face :)

Some More Pictures

Self-Portrait Project